Thanks to everyone who sent me bug reports. Here's a hotfix for v4:
  • Fixed nights bumpers facing the wrong direction
  • Metal Sonic's abilities are now more powerful when super
  • Fixed the Razor Spin not scaling down underwater
  • Super transormation moved to the FIRE button
    • I wasn't going to port this from Reveries, but then I realised Fang literally couldn't turn super because the gun has priority over super transformation
  • Reduced air turning potency by 10%
  • Fixed the new Whirlwind passive incorrectly applying to Mario's cape
  • Increased super form acceleration a bit
  • Purged some unused code
  • Fixed several issues with 2d mode
  • Added rphys contributors to the ingame credits
    • Made credits always able to be skipped
  • Cool!
Reactions: klasky
Amy changes:
  • Spiral hover entirely cancels downwards momentum, but has a time limit of around 4 seconds
  • Hammer jump now boosts speed upon use
  • Fast fall falls faster
Metal changes:
  • Rush Thruster replaced with Razor Spin, a midair spindash which aims upwards. It has the same charge time as the rphys ground spindash, but the speed you gain will be vertical rather than horizontal.
    • Dash mode counter will increase while you're charging
    • Initiating the Razor Spin causes a small shockwave which can damage nearby enemies
  • Dash mode gains speed more quickly
  • Fixed roll not breaking walls
Tails changes:
  • Replaced the descend button with a Sonic 3 AIR style flight cancel
  • Fixed a frame perfect flight timer exploit
Sonic changes:
  • Trick Spin has smoother scaling and diminishing returns at high speeds
Physics changes:
  • Made friction scaling actually work. You literally couldn't move at smaller scales before.
  • Rolling control has been reworked
  • Gravity scaling relies on spring spark instead of player state
  • Changed friction calculations to be more compatible with custom characters. You can now play as Luigi.
  • Steam jets give a small amount of spring spark
Other fixes:
  • Mario's cape jump won't send him directly to the moon anymore
  • Diagonal springs should work a bit better
  • Added some optimisations to improve game performance
  • Score chains while rolling are possible for the first time since 1.09.4
  • A few minor things I forgot about

There were a few major bugs in v2 (and maybe some banana peels) so I've removed them. Here's a changelog:
  • Corrected an error in the friction calculations which made everything far more slippery than intended
  • Fixed a few level gimmicks not launching you high enough
  • Fixed conveyor belts, currents, and polyobject pushers being way too strong
  • Mario will no longer cause a massive explosion of lua warnings when loaded
  • Amy tweaks:
    • Hammer jump now requires you to keep holding spin to activate
    • Fixed the cyclone hammer not bouncing off enemies
    • Extra momentum will make the hammer jump a bit stronger
  • Metal Sonic tweaks:
    • If you're still holding jump, Rush Thruster will not cancel
    • Reduced the minimum time to cancel Rush Thruster
  • Fixed 2d mode still using v1's movement
  • Some other stuff I forgot about


(ignore the spin trail, the green screen messed with it)

For some reason I decided to turn this throwaway experiment I made in 2 days into an actual mod. Many things have been changed and added, some features new and others ported from reveries. Here's the list:

Entirely rewritten acceleration, friction, and slope physics:
  • Acceleration, friction, and slope physics are all linear rather than multiplicative
  • Ice increases acceleration but reduces ability to turn and brake
  • v1's slope modifications have been improved upon
  • The player will come to a more natural stop on the ground
  • Control in general should be much better with most of the jank eliminated
Added spring spark mechanic:
  • For a limited time after hitting a spring, allow ability use in air regardless of jump state (signified by a sparkle trail)
  • Horizontal spring enable this too if you run off a ledge quickly enough
There is now only one exe, featuring a new uncapped implementation by Eidolon & Sal
  • If you prefer playing without interpolation, just type fpscap 35 in the console to disable it.
Sonic ability Trick Spin imported from reveries with some changes:
  • Is now the primary ability
  • Upon use, enter a drop dash with 4 functions:
    • Release the jump button midair for a speed boost
    • Keep holding the jump button until you land to gain a larger speed boost
    • Collide with a wall to spin up the wall
    • If in range of an enemy, automatically activate an instashield with an expanded hitbox
    • After spinning up a wall, you'll get a short spring spark period to use the ability again
Tails flight timer increased, Sonic 3 style flight speed mechanic added

Knuckles glide control increased

Amy has two new features:
  • New primary ability (cyclone hammer)
    • Hold jump to reduce fall speed at the cost of control
    • If you also hold spin, fall speed will increase instead
  • Added a hammer jump onto running ground hammer
    • The new acceleration physics make having to build up run speed an actual thing
Fang may now shoot in the air
  • Also added the shooting/cork mechanics from reveries
Metal Sonic's moveset was entirely revamped:
  • Primary ability: Rush Thruster (from reveries)
    • Rockets forward at a high speed, but trajectory is fixed for the duration
    • If you hit a wall, you'll rebound off it
  • Ground spin ability trio: Dash Charge / Quick Roll / Speed Booster
    • If you hold spin at a standstill, you'll begin charging power to enter dashmode
    • Press spin while moving or release the charge early to perform a rolling attack
    • In dashmode, hold spin to boost acceleration and top speed
Various custom character compatibility fixes

Minecarts jump higher so ACZ2 is possible to complete

GFZ2's spring chain works again

You can speed up by holding forwards on water slides

Several minor changes I won't bother listing