Oops, the Android version was broken. Please redownload the APK from the v8 release, it should actually work now.

Remember to uninstall your existing rphys app before updating!

Big thanks to bitten2up for helping troubleshoot.

vvv see previous update post for v8 release notes vvv
Hi, new version here with lots of fixes and proper support for the Chaotix mod. See the full changelog below:
  • Various fixes to properly support Chaotix
    • Title screen actually works instead of showing a black void
    • Heavy controls like he should instead of blitzing to 300 fracunits/tic in two seconds
    • Charmy spindash has proper friction
  • Overhauled spring and thrusting mechanics
    • See before and after
    • Springs should almost never undershoot unless the ceiling is too low (roger maps)
    • You can finally reach the exit of Sunset Something Act 1 in Cyberdime without needing to hit the spring at an overly precise angle
  • Minor tweaks to the controls
  • Added OpenGL palette rendering (credit Hannu Hanhi)
    • It's off by default, turn it on in OpenGL options
    • Android version does not have this as porting it to GLES is a massive hassle
  • Certain mods such as Mario and Adventure Sonic control a bit more faithfully
  • Removed the uncurl from Sonic's ability
    • It was part of a mechanic that no longer exists and very out of place
  • Amy's double jump refreshes upon hitting an enemy
  • Replays actually work again instead of turning you into Sonic (silly upstream issue)
  • Miscellaneous bugs eradicated
    • Fixed using the hover whisp as Whisper temporarily permanently reducing her normalspeed
    • Fixed Amy's hearts spawning in the wrong place in reverse gravity
    • Some other fixes from upstream
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Once again it's time to bring rphys up to date with the current version of SRB2.

  • Slopes have been adjusted to be less disruptive to platforming
  • Acceleration on ice is now a slight boost instead of a major reduction
    • Ice was slippery enough already and the old acceleration made Luigi control like a semi truck
  • Fixed the Trick Spin thok barrier detection malfunctioning in reverse gravity
  • Tails flight behaviour is a bit more accurate and less jerky
  • Fixed swimming having the wrong top speed
  • Rolling has more friction at very low speeds
  • Mobjscaled springs should behave better
  • Amy moveset adjustments
    • Using the hammer on the ground also has an expanded hitbox instead of only duing Hammer Spin
    • Hammer Spin was moved to the Spin key
    • Amy can double jump, and using the second jump refreshes Hammer Spin if it's already been used
    • Hammer Spin no longer automatically cancels when hitting something
      • Instead, the timer before fast falling begins is reset
    • Rebounding off the ground gains more speed but less height
      • Her v6 gameplay felt like a worse version of Fang to me, which is the reason for these changes
  • Metal Sonic moveset adjustments
    • Jet Burst now reduces the effect of gravity as long as jump remains held
      • However, using the ability causes Metal Sonic to uncurl (acts similar to vanilla float)
  • Fixed the Trick Spin wall drop dash getting activated by monitors
  • Air drag now works correctly underwater
  • Fixed inconsistent player speeds in 2d mode
  • Removed the Amy wallbounce thing. It may return in the future, but it needs a lot more polish and the current version caused several bugs. This fixes the following:
    • Unable to break monitors from above with Hammer Spin
    • Heart particles not showing up when hitting enemies or springs with Hammer Spin
    • Maybe fixed the "rolling in spindash state" bug? I couldn't reproduce it so I'm not sure.
  • Fixed spindashing on a slope as Amy spawning buggy hearts
  • Reverted v6a's diagonal spring buff because it casued several vanilla map spring chains to overshoot
    • afaik the only map that is currently impossible as no ability Sonic due to springs undershooting is Angel Island Fall
    • Sunrise Uplands 1 cuts it close but the spring before the goal is barely possible with a precise jump
  • Yellow and red boosters now provide the same thrust as yellow and red horizontal springs
    • Previously, the yellow booster was slightly too slow and the red booster was far too fast
This mod is now available on Android. Since the apk is too big so I had to move the downloads to github. Just click on the button and pick rphys-windows.zip if you're on Windows and rphys-android.apk if you're on Android.

You do not need to uninstall the existing SRB2 app to use the Android version, Both can coexist on your device, though I recommend backing up gamedata.dat first just in case something weird happens.

Meanwhile, changelog:
  • Fixed an issue where Amy could launch herself into orbit by quickly double tapping spin on the ground
  • Amy can now perform a speed-based wall jump by using the ground hammer swing on a wall
  • Patched a silly conveyor belt mishap
So I discovered there's a bug with vanilla Automatic mode that made the controls not work correctly while facing forwards. Now that I noticed the problem existed I removed the janky workaround I had before and fixed the actual issue. The controls should be improved in general but especially in Automatic mode.

  • Fixed control jank described above
  • Amy was polished a bit
    • An animation was added for hitting things
    • The extended hitbox can pick up rings and other collectibles
    • Added a small delay between hammer swings so you can't just blindly mash it
    • Spindashing will initiate a hammer swing too
  • ChrispyChars will no longer crash on load due to name conflict with a new 2.2.12 color
    • It will still throw a warning and mess up Amy's color but you can at least play them without any other issues
  • Modified anti-air drag timers to work better with mobjscale
  • Buffed diagonal springs again because they still undershot on some maps
  • .rev file extension changed to .rvr because I broke gamedata compat again
    • If you have any .rev files you can just delete them
Relevant features from upstream SRB2:

Reveries shield overhaul is finally available as its own file and works with rphys. Find it at https://mb.srb2.org/addons/reveries.1401/ and download the rshields file.
This is the full update I had planned for 2.2.11. It's a bit late so the previous patch was just to make the exe work in the meantime.

Here's the summary of changes:
  • Implemented speed degredation:
    • Works similar-ish to classic Sonic games but its effect is weaker. You'll lose speed while above normalspeed in the air except while spinning or during special conditions such as being recently sprung or interacting with certain gimmicks.
    • The following vanilla abilities ignore air drag while active:
      • Knuckles glide
      • Amy hammer spin
      • Fang tail bounce

  • Spindash's default minimum speed was buffed to 42. This brings it in line with Sonic's drop dash which is the same speed as an uncharged spindash in Sonic Mania.

  • Added puresonic console variable: enable to remove the Trick Spin from Sonic. Useful for a self-imposed challenge or mods that provide alternate Sonic abilities.

  • Sonic's ability provides much more of a speed boost than before, especially in the air. This is thanks to air drag helping balance it out.
    • Also finally fixed the ability facing the wrong direction in manual mode. I only use strafe and automatic so that went unnoticed for longer than it should have.

  • Knuckles jump height was increased from 66% to 80% of Sonic's jump height. For the record vanilla SRB2 uses 72% and Sonic 3 uses 84%.

  • Metal Sonic gets a new coat of paint: while his concept remains similar to the previous versions, the execution of his moveset has been mostly redone.
    • Razor Spin replaced with Burst Jump: a jumpthok-like move which gets significantly stronger in dash mode
    • Quick Roll controls like a normal roll, and provides a speed boost up to normalspeed. Its duration is also extended if you hit an enemy, so you should no longer suddenly uncurl in the midst of a crawla swarm
    • Dash charge and quick roll can be canceled by jumping out of them
    • Dashmode provides the max bonus instantly instead of gradually building up
    • Dashmode now functions underwater
    • divers.gif

  • Amy has been entirely revamped from the ground up to become a spin character while stil being inspired by her vanilla SRB2 moveset. She's the least vertically mobile of the vanilla cast but can take virtually any level path.
    • Double Jump: Hammer Spin - Tap the button to perform an instashield-like hammer attack with an extended hitbox. Keep holding the button to maintain the state and start falling faster. Upon impacting the ground, rebound into the jump state and gain speed. You can keep chaining the ability, but you'll have to be mindful of timing to gain the most speed - the hammer spin ignores aerial speed degredation, but also increases gravity drastically. Also, if you hit an enemy/monitor with this ability you'll bounce higher than usual.
    • Spin: Spindash / Whack & Roll - Spindash funtions like normal. When starting a roll, Amy will transition into it via a hammer swing. You can take advantage of this to power up springs or defeat spiky enemies. Note that pressing spin while already rolling also initiates a hammer swing.
    • rosy1.gif

  • Boss resistance against Fang's corks was removed. Super Fang's corks were given an AOE damage effect.

  • Removed "spring spark" system - it was too OP in most situations.
    • However, the whirlwind passive now allows you to use your ability in the air regardless of jump state. So if you want to do cool tricks off springs you'll need to find a whirlwind shield first.

  • Better custom character support
    • In particular, most instances of mods attempting to slow you down will actually slow you down.

  • Removed startup file version check. The exe will keep working even if SRB2 updates. I'm still planning on keeping rphys up to date with SRB2.

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed infinite score chains.

  • Miscellaneous minor polish.

Bonus features from upstream SRB2:

  • Various bugfixes
Here's a new windows build compatible with 2.2.11. Not everything I have planned is done yet but there's a fair amount of fixes and changes included with this:
  • Improvements to slope physics
  • Yellow horizontal springs propel you faster
  • DeltaChars, Mario Bros, Adventure Sonic issues fixed
  • Lockon no longer cancels when hitting a boss, and you can now always target Metal Sonic and Black Eggman instead of only sometimes
  • More performance improvements over the vanilla game, especially in Arid Canyon
  • A full Metal Sonic revamp is planned in the future, but for now I just buffed his dash charge speed
  • Fix super form jump being way too strong
  • Save files for duos will use the background color of the leader rather than being locked to sky blue
  • Resolved a few cases of diagonal springs not sending you far enough
  • A few other tweaks I forgot about
Coming in the future: overhauls to Amy and Metal Sonic, as well something to replace the current "ability use on springs" thing
I compiled rphys v4 for Android, available here: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Neks8fVc7qZ9hKsAigDaa6lLlqCTQifl&export=download. You don't need to uninstall your existing srb2 app; rphys can coexist with it.

KNOWN ISSUE: crashes during startup 100% of the time on certain systems. This does not generate a crash log so I can't really fix it.

Note that the android build does not have uncapped, but does include UDMF.
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My mod is being harassed by virus scanners so here's a small bonus update just to shake the exe around internally enough to where it hopefully stops triggering false positives.
  • Allowed the Flame Shield to bust walls like in Sonic 3
  • Fixed the Attraction homing attack not working when used from spring spark
  • Merged in some stuff planned for 2.2.11