Rose Gold Amy

[Reusable] Rose Gold Amy 1.2

Hey, I playtested this a long time ago! Just as pretty and absolutely CRACKED as I remembered it. If you're the type that likes to sniff 3 or 4 lines before beating CEZ3 in 2 seconds with SMSreborn (like me), you might wanna give this all powerful entity a spin. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a canyon to cheat.
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This mod is amazing!

At first I was thinking "Oh... is this basically going to be Maimy?" Nope it wasn't... The dive and her hammer power is very strong and very fun to master, like Maimy. It was also smart of you to make her hammer break more things then Amy could. And the shield abilities, it was all thought out perfectly. Tell the team and Bloops that this mod is amazing. And thank you for submitting it!
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I did some IL speedruns with RGA, and I can tell that shes clearly in the super category of character mods. RGA ain't hard to pick up, and she can do lots of crazy stuff that you'd expect from a super character. Her low land speed and high hammer dive speed encourages players to stay airborne as often as possible, which makes her feel like a bouncy Amy which, I have no problem with. My only real criticism is that it ain't easy to hammer springs without an attraction shield, though I haven't played much regular Amy, so what do I know? A helpful tip for beginners is to, upon level load, immediately jump and then spin to instantly go fast, though at the cost or benefit of also going upwards.
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Bro i don't have words to express how fun this is.
Also, love that it used amy instead of sonic adkfwnkfd :)))))
Awesome job!
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I agree she's somewhat overpowered, but I still think she's very fun to play. Actually, she reminds me a lot of a cross between Amy and my own character, Sparks.
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She's like Amy, but with shmovement.

I had such a blast going through the Vanilla campaign as her. Her kit is pretty simple to grasp and takes a bit to master, but when you do, she just goes flying over huge swaths of levels like nobody's business.

My only real gripe is the grounded hammer ALWAYS defaulting to hammer jump, which made bosses like Metal a bit more tedious then they should have been. But I also barely played Vanilla Amy, so maybe I just struggle with her type of gameplay in general, idk.
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It's why I like characters such as SMS

Stupid fun to use if you understand how to work the moveset and learn just exactly how OP they really are
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i refuse to play any other character now.
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Now here's an interesting recolor character! RGA is pretty powerful, but it feels a little too powerful and braindead to spam spin and go past thok speed. It's also difficult to tell the sparkle color difference when in colormapped situations like some underwater colors. I also find it really difficult to use my hammer for basic hammering, as I always wind up shooting sky high, but that may be an intentional design choice? Still, I had my fun playing a her!

So we already got Metal Sonic, Super Sonic is basically Golden Sonic, we already had a robot Amy, now we have the Pink Gold Peach equivelent of Amy... I swear to God, this better not lead to a flood of Baby characters.
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Ironically I am with D00D64 on this one. The mod is really good but dang is it OP. She makes almost every level a joke.
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This is by far the most op character for vertical movement, while the run is a bit slower than others, it's definitely a worthy tradeoff,but a little more speed would be nice (although spamming spin kinda works i guess)
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