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Those who contains 13 characters that are already in SRB2Kart.
The most that I had is underrated things.

Hebe (Hebereke series)
01 hebe.png

Name: hebe
Speed: 7
Weight: 5
Pref. Color: Navy
Version: 5 (Updated)
Info: A white bird/penguin it looks like a snowman that always wears knit cap. He's the main protagonist character and mascot from Sunsoft.
Notes: This stats of speed/weight is based off from "Hashire Hebereke"

O-Chan (Hebereke series)
02 o-chan.png

Name: ochan (Changed)
Speed: 3
Weight: 6
Pref. Color: Pumpkin
Version: 3 (Updated)
Info: She's cute, a human who dressed up like an orange cat.
Notes: This stats of speed/weight is based off from "Hashire Hebereke"

Sukezaemon / Shades (Hebereke series)
03 sukezaemon.png

Name: sukezaemon (Changed)
Speed: 5
Weight: 1
Pref. Color: Raspberry
Version: 3 (Updated)
Info: A ghost with sunglasses and a pink/red winged cap.
Notes: This stats of speed/weight is based off from "Hashire Hebereke"

Jennifer / Gil (Hebereke series)
04 jennifer.png

Name: jenniferdaze (Changed)
Speed: 9
Weight: 3
Pref. Color: Green
Version: 3 (Updated)
Info: A sick fat green anglerfish that acts into underwater.
Notes: This stats of speed/weight is based off from "Hashire Hebereke"

Yumetaro (Gimmick!/Mr. Gimmick) (NEW CHARACTER)
05 yumetaro.png

Name: yume_gmck
Speed: 4
Weight: 1
Pref. Color: Green
Version: 1
Info: A little green scrimblo boy with horn that joins in another dimention racing.

Yacopu (Trip World)
06 yacopu.png

Name: yakopoo
Speed: 3
Weight: 1
Pref. Color: Slate
Version: 2
Info: Another scrimblo, member of the Shabubu race of bunny-like.
Notes: His sounds effects is taken from "Gimmick!" (NES/FC), and his voices is taken from "Galaxy Fight" (Arcade/Neo-Geo)

Mog (Super Puzzle Bobble/Super Bust-A-Move) (NEW CHARACTER)
07 mog from sbam.png

Name: mogu_resu
Speed: 6
Weight: 2
Pref. Color: Dusk
Version: 1.2 (Sound Updated)
Info: A violet/yellow cat who is proud of the necktie that she always wears.

Mile (Go Go! Mile Smile / Susume! Mile Smile)
08 mile from ggms.png

Name: mileggms (Japanese) / mileggmsen (English)
Speed: 6
Weight: 1
Pref. Color: Yellow
Version: 3 (Also English voice Updated)
Info: You didn't remember that about the game. The truth is not Kirby. He's a hero for the money and love, a little cute creature scrimblo with the cracked hatched egg up there, a hot-blooded man who works hard. He's the main character and mascot from Fuuki.
Notes: The design is classic based on Go! Go! Mile Smile. His voices and sound effect is taken from the arcade video game (because in voice versions on this pack normal is in "Japanese" and the alternate version voice is in "English" for out side characters pack).

Yard (Go Go! Mile Smile / Susume! Mile Smile)
09 yard from ggms.png

Name: yardggms (Japanese) / yardggmsen (English)
Speed: 5
Weight: 2
Pref. Color: Green
Version: 2 (Also English voice Updated)
Info: He's needing a woman for love, it's the Mile's friend, although he has an inclined attitude, he's not a bad person.
Notes: Also in voice versions this pack normal is in "Japanese" and the alternate version voice is in "English" for out side characters pack.

Bonk (Bonk / P.C. Genjin series)
10 bonk from bonks adventure.png

Name: pc-genjin
Speed: 4
Weight: 4
Pref. Color: Red
Version: 1.1
Info: He is a young caveboy, with his hard head that can bash, and can joins in his race.
Notes: His sounds effects and jingles is taken from original game "Bonk's Adventure" (TG16/PCE), and his little voice is taken from "Super Bonk 1 & 2" (SNES/SFC)

Chun (Door Door)
11 chun-kun from door door.png

Name: chunkun
Speed: 1
Weight: 2
Pref. Color: White (Secondcolor Supported)
Version: 1.0.1
Info: A character what even known that from obscure puzzle-platform game of Enix. He's the main protagonist, a small egg-shaped creature outfitted with a baseball cap.
Notes: His sound effects is taken on NES-port game.

Boggy B (Team17 - Worms)
12 boggy b from worms.png

Name: boggy_b
Speed: 2
Weight: 1
Pref. Color: Peach (Alt. 1: Caramel, Alt. 2: Pink)
Version: 2
Info: An elite military soldier worm.
Notes: This custom kart was used this base mini-kart. His voices clips in "English soundbank" is taken from "Worms 2/Armageddon/World Party", also in this alternate version voice is in "American soundbank" in its patch.

WAA HOO (SrPelo's Super WAA HOO Bros.)
13 waa hoo.png

Name: waahoo
Speed: 8
Weight: 6
Pref. Color: Red
Version: 1.2.1
Info: A parody of Mario, inspired by SrPelo. He says the most of "YAA HOO!" "WAA HOO!".

Version 2.0: About Hebereke characters sprites on kart is already revamped. Gloat voice changed for "Mog", and Mile and Yard in English voice fixing name to "mileggmsen" and "yardggmsen", also changing file names of sounds.
Version 1.9.5: Mile and Yard is already revamped the sprites. Improving color prefer for "Mog", and other characters sounds and stats fixed, including name ID changes for "Chun".
Version 1.9: Yumeataro is karting on gimmicks, Mog is ready for the race. A improvement sprites of "Yacopu", and a fix changes of voice clips of Hebereke characters: Hebe, O-Chan and Sukezaemon.
Version 1.8: Here is joining... "Chun", a sprites revamp of "Boggy B", Secondcolors are added from Hebereke chars and little fix vol. voice of "Jennifer".
Version 1.7: A sprites revamp of Hebereke characters, and his signpost goal already fixed of "Boggy B" and "WAA HOO".
Version 1.6: "Yard" joins with the friend "Mile" in the race, the ExVoices has been removed but I always adding voice patch for "Boggy B" in american soundbank.
Version 1.5.1 hotfix: Alright I fixed this signpost art of "Mile" and all those characters.
Version 1.5: Here comes "Yacopu" in the Trip Race, fixing icons in rank and wanted of "Bonk", the stats are changed of "WAA HOO" and "Boggy B".
Version 1.4: Here's the new character "Bonk", fixing the sprites in "drifting" and "spinout" fixed in "A5" adding tail of "O-Chan".
Version 1.3.2: April Fools, adding the custom of the voices "ExVoices". In addition to improved stats of "Hebe" (weight: 4), I fixed the slow sound of "Mile".
Version 1.3.1: Changes for sounds to voices improved and adding more alternatives second colors of "Mile".
Version 1.3: "Mile" is update but with LUA, that's already improved a revamp of the sprites, updated in its second version.
Version 1.2: Updates: fixing and improving sprites of "Jennifer" and "Mile".
Version 1.1a: Changing the stats speed and weight of "WAA HOO", "Boggy B" and "Hebe", informations are added on all the "S_SKIN".
Version 1.1: I changed the ID name of "Sukezaemon" and "Mile", Improving icons and improved sprites in cheeks of "Mile".

PS999 - spriting, using/editing kart base templates and others...
Lach - made for Kart Secondcolor
ZiMEEMga - for fixing the minimap icon of "Yacopu", the signpost art fixed all those chars, something fixes and helps from Hebereke chars
dunkic p - for ripping and providing voice clips of "Yacopu"

Yumetaro from Gimmick (Sunsoft)
Yacopu from Trip World (Sunsoft)
Mog from Super Puzzle Bobble series (Taito)
Hebe, O-Chan, Sukezaemon and Jennifer from Hebereke series (Sunsoft)
Boggy B (worm) from Worms series (Team17)
WAA HOO from Super WAA HOO Bros. (SrPelo)
Mile and Yard from Go Go! Mile Smile / Susume! Mile Smile (Fuuki Co.)
Bonk / P.C. Genjin / B.C. Kid from Bonk series (Red Entertainment / Hudson Soft / Konami)
Chun from Door Door (Square Enix / Spike Chunsoft)
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