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  1. Arcadenblog

    ArcadeNpack V1.4: I O U A SRB2K Pack 1.4

    My aim and theme for this character pack is variety. You never truly know who or what could be coming next in this pack. I hope you enjoy what's being offered here. Feedback is also appreciated. Spacial Thanks to: *Saturn Ross (for providing Yukari's minimap icon) *kit_jolt (for creating Xiko)
  2. PS999

    [Open Assets] PoleStation Characters Pack V2.1

    Those who contains 13 characters that are already in SRB2Kart. The most that I had is underrated things. Credits: PS999 - spriting, using/editing kart base templates and others... Lach - made for Kart Secondcolor ZiMEEMga - for fixing the minimap icon of "Yacopu", the signpost art fixed all...