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[Reusable] Persona Randomizer


To add salt on team building this mod just randomize team to make character selection useless or prevents the use of some skin.

This mod add a skin randomizer as well as skin banning. Also it add a skin which when selected give you a random character.

Use "rt_help" to get a description of the commands in-game.

Variables :
rt_rand_randskin : Enable the skin randomizer.
rt_rand_noduplicate : Reduce duplicate in randomized skin(still some if not enough skin but it's reduced)

Commands :
rt_ban_list : Print the list of banned skin(can be used by anyone).
rt_ban_banskin <skin> : Ban a skin(note that you cannot ban every skin)
rt_ban_unbanskin <skin> : Unban a skin
rt_ban_clear : Unban every skin
rt_ban_allowonly <skin> : Only allow a single skin

Changelog :
v1 : Only the randomizer
v2 : - Added banskin as well as making the randomizer compatible with low number of skin
- Spilted commands and variables
- Changed mod name from "Team Randomizer" to "Random Utilities"
v2b : - Fixed an oversight allowing "allowonly" to ban even if an incorrect skin is specified.
v3 : - Well renamed again.
- Added a random skin which select a random skin if you pick it(well it's invisible sonic but change skin if choosed)

Known issues :
- If you somehow manage to ban every skin the game will freeze
- You can use banned skin if you select it via the skin command and then don't change it in skin selection

Just note this mod only work with SRB2Persona of course.
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