srb2 persona

  1. M

    SRB2P Compatible character mods?

    I'd like to know what all character mods for SRB2 is also compatible for SRB2P. If anyone can help me with that I'd be grateful.
  2. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf V3.6b

    Well...You've waited. History(Legacy): The character used to be human. But in the end his reality changed. His soul was inhabited by a computer. And that's how he got into the world. Changing himself in code and ended up trapped. He is now 28,000 years old. Abilities 3.0 Also updated...
  3. Jared_Mcboomski

    The Doom Slayer 2.0

    The Doom Slayer is here to reign Hell on Mobius :Moves: Double Jump And Dash The Double Jump is pretty self explanatory and the Dash uses SPIN and take around 2.5 seconds to recharge You can also use it to bust through walls The Crouch to get into small spaces press TOSSFLAG Weapon...
  4. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2bld - SRB2 Build/Package manager CLI

    Description srb2bld is a shell script, that automates and simplifies process of downloading source code, configuration, compilation, installation to system or creating portable executable bundles of various SRB2 related builds. Features - Compiling and installing 32-bit/64-bit binaries of...
  5. D

    [Open Assets] [SRB2 Persona] Amy Separate Hammer Button 1.0.9

    Mostly intended for SRB2 Persona but works fine in Vanilla. I was slightly annoyed by the inability to just press Spin to break spikes, so I decided to make this.
  6. HajimeBannings

    Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack 7.1

    [This mod is for SRB2 Persona only.] Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack contains 5 characters from the Trails series which are Lloyd, Estelle , Joshua , Tita and Elie. They don't have Personas during these but they have their trusty combat orbments ARCUS! Lloyd Estelle...
  7. SpectrumUK

    [Open Assets] Texture Randomizer for SRB2, SRB2 Kart, and SRB2P (XL_TextureRandomizer-v1.4.lua) v1.4

    This lua randomizes the textures (and sounds and debris) in the map, or if you set texturerandomizer to 2 (between_levels), it stores the textures and flats (and the textures for sounds and debris) in tables and then randomizes the textures from those tables. It also works in SRB2 Kart, V2.1...
  8. Lamibe

    [Open Assets] Persona Randomizer

    To add salt on team building this mod just randomize team to make character selection useless or prevents the use of some skin. This mod add a skin randomizer as well as skin banning. Also it add a skin which when selected give you a random character. Use "rt_help" to get a description of the...
  9. Lat'

    [1.3.6] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo 1.3.6

    Join the SRB2P Discord! This is the best place to talk about SRB2P and find people to play with as well as report bugs for me to keep things organized if you find anything! Check out the SRB2P Modding Documentation! DOWNLOAD: Windows: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE VANILLA SRB2: DOWNLOAD BUTTON ON THE...