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SRB2GB: A gameboy emulator 0.4

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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I understand my submission will be rejected if it does not follow forum rules, Submissions guidelines, and/or file name conventions
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Now SRB2 can run Pokémon.

Just a random GB emulator I did. Lack a lot of features and far from polished but usable.

How to use:
  1. Put your rom in the luafiles/client/rom directory(with a supported extension like .dat)
  2. Run the mod and use emustart <file>
  3. Have fun
Some commands and variables:
  • emustart <rom>: Start the emulator
  • emustop: Stop it
  • emuspeed <value>: Change max speed
  • emubind <bind> <key>: Change keys(default to Direction=Move, A=Jump, B=Spin, Start=Custom1, Select=Custom2)
  • emuskip <value>: Change frameskip
  • emuwin <X> <Y>: Change window position("emuwin center" to center)
  • emubgcolor <color>: Change background color(negative to remove)
  • emupause: Pause
  • emuresume: Resume from pause
  • emusave: Create a save state
  • emuload: Load a save state

  • No GBC
  • Not really accurate
  • No sound(difficult on SRB2 anyways)
  • Awful performance on slow devices
  • Not compatible with phone(according to my test)
  • Not a lot of tested games


  • Some various fixes and hacks
  • Added pausing(kinda)
  • Various minor fixes
  • Minor optimizations
  • Various fixes
  • Added savestate
  • Some text is now colored

  • For obvious reason I will not share rom files
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Latest updates

  1. SRB2GB 0.4

    Not much to say about it outside of savestate being added and Sonic 3d 5 now working better

Latest reviews

The simple fact that this works is amazing.
It's always absolutely wild to see SRB2 being used to do crazy shit that has nothing to do with itself.

...Now if you'll excuse me I'm going back to playing "Yu Narukami on the Nintendo Gameboy"
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Can be slow at times, but that's expected with the technical limitations of SRB2's engine.

that being said this is an amazing accomplishment, excellent work.
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In spite of the known technical limitations and performance issues, I'm bumping this up this based on the proof of concept and the implications that come with an operation like this being possible to perform within SRB2. Absolutely mind-blowing. It would be interesting to consider how the Lua framework could be expanded to allow for sound output.
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Finally, we can play SA7/S3DB5 in SRB2.
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No music? Don't worry, I got the solution -
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