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Pac-Man - The Pac is BACK!!!

Pac-Man hungers for a new adventure!
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After being in development for almost a year in secret (mainly because of procrastination and being busy on my part) me and Mr. McScrewup are proud to finally get this out for you all to enjoy!
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Press Jump in midair to perform a bounce that can be done as...​

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Sonic Robo Blast 2: Pac-Man World 4

I'm quite joyed about this, seeing the abilities as being virtually 1-to-1 and brought over from World 2, which was one of my first video games! He looks very accurate to his gameplay from the GIFs shown and am super enthused about playing 'um later.
Very nice! Much better than my old one I made for 2.1!

I'd recommend replacing the Butt-Bounce sound with this, though.


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This mod is amazing to see here. I also played Pac-Man world 2 on my playstation 2 in my early years.

While I'm relatively ok with not being able to bounce higher on springs or break floors with butt bounce (despite his kick being able to break knuckles walls), My only real issue is trying to use the flip-kick on bosses while moving at high speeds, as it creates a sort of dbz trade effect. (you still hit the boss, but you also take damage and get sent flying)

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epic the perfect loop


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Great job!
Now lets get Ms. Pac-Man, should be easy just swap the models and sprites.

Maybe even the ghosts! and rings changed to dots!
…I never said I'd do that LMAO. If someone wants to make Pac-Dots, they can, but it's not gonna be part of this mod...
Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that the update's taking a bit longer than I expected, so I'll release it when I can!
what kind of update?

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