P-Switch [and also Blue Coins/Rings]

[Reusable] P-Switch [and also Blue Coins/Rings] v2.0

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The classic item originating from Super Mario Brothers 3, the P-Switch will keep your level filled with coins as you step on it.

How it works
Just walking onto the switch will set off a 9-second timer accompanied by music. During that time, the Blue Coins (or Rings) will appear and a few things will happen in the level (mostly set by yourself through level scripts. Check the pswitchactive variable!). Hurry up and acquire the shiny before the changes revert!

  • Appleblurt, for creating the sprites for the P-Switch.
  • Everyone on the official SRB2 Discord server, for the feedback. Without you I wouldn't be here with my first resource mod!
  • And of course, you, for viewing the thread. If you're already downloading the addon, I hope you'll find creative uses for it!
  • The P-Switch's puff can be pushed around like a regular Pushable.
  • When it is activated, the P-Switch can be pushed away into walls.
Version 2.0, initial release.
  • New item: Blue Coin/Ring! Only appears when the P-Switch is pressed. Otherwise acts like your old pal Golden Ring/Coin.
  • Created a showcase map for the P-Switch, called "P-Switch Island". Also changed the showcase gif to show off said island.
Version 1.1, New Look update.
  • New sprites! Credits to Appleblurt for making them for me! (He just afforded to help, I didn't ask him to do it.)
  • Changed the location of the Switch in the showcase gif. Felt like it being pushed into the wall looked too buggy.
Version 1.0, initial build.
Included with the download (separate of the P-Switch itself) is a test map, which you can load after loading the P-Switch addon to see how the P-Switch works.
I hope you find creative uses for this lil' pal in your Mario Mode levels. ...Or not Mario Mode. Eh, screw it.
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Welcome to releases! Perhaps a Monitor variant for more Sonic-based stages would be a nice inclusion...
So glad it finally got released!

About the Monitor variant, I'm actually planning on doing something like that for v2.1 of the addon. Thanks for the feedback, though!
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