Removed and/or replaced textures which contest staff deemed inappropriate.
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Here's another update for a few things.

  • Fixed Tailsbot preventing stages from being marked as clear
  • Fixed quick return respawning player out of bounds (again)
  • Fixed Character Swapper not reading your current skin correctly if you entered it from a different save as another character
  • Fixed sky conflict between the hub and Fort Sunset Zone
  • Fixed Music Mash Zone music changing linedef actions
Other changes
  • Quick return is now triggered by holding Tab + Spin together, and no longer requires being still or on the ground
  • Updated Bombastic Beach Zone's author name
  • Added subtitle to Hollow Hill Zone
I'm glad everyone's enjoying this contest hub, and it's great that there were no netplay issues so far, woo! Unfortunately a few bugs showed up in the new Single Player features, so we've patched them for you. Here's what it's got:
  • Fixed quick return feature not working if paired with Tailsbot
  • Fixed quick return spawning players out of bounds in the hub (technically a vanilla glitch, but still patched)
  • Fixed quick return being usable in Record Attack and Marathon Run
  • Fixed Record Attack Emerald Tokens keeping wrong appearance
  • Fixed cleared level list staying after leaving a save
  • Removed Mercury Mine Zone portal duplicate
  • Added a level select picture for the hub
This update is non-essential for netgames, but still recommended to get in the long run. Thanks for playing!
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