Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1

Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1 1.3


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Welcome to Round 1 of the 2021 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest! After six long months, we hope it's worth the wait.


As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a thread to list your votes. To vote on a division, play all of its maps, form opinions on them, then rate them from your favorite to least favorite. If you have submitted a map, you must rate it highest for that division. A web-based tool to help you vote is linked below.

We encourage you to share your feedback and reviews in your voting threads, which will be made public once the voting period is over. Feel free to discuss the levels in this thread, too!

After the voting period ends, the votes will be tallied. For each vote, the map that ranks first gets n-1 points, second place gets n-2 points, third gets n-3, all the way down to n-n (zero) points for last, where n is the number of maps in the division. Each map's points are added together to create that map's final score, and the map with the highest score wins the division. Should there be a tie, the votes are calculated again with only the tied maps included. If this still fails to break the tie, the tie stands and both maps are winners.

As usual, "reserved" posts are considered spam and are subject to moderator action.

Thanks to all our contestants! Have fun!

Voting ends on

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This deadline is strict! Late votes will not be counted.


New map portals by @Tatsuru
New voting UI by @Tatsuru
Collecting emerald token gives you an emerald by @Lach
Single player: character swapper by @CobaltBW and @Tatsuru
Single player: press+hold Tab+Spin to return to hub by @Tatsuru
Thanks to Saneko for button graphics​


Single Player

Drenched Dam Zone by @Voidy2246
Koopa Kastle by @glaber
Emerald Glade Zone by @DoodlesYT
Abyss Caverns Zone by @Yyeellooww7
Falcon Emissary Zone by @InferNOr
Bombastic Beach Zone by @Shapeshifter Boi
Music Mash Zone by @WasifBoomz
Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel (@Chaolino)
Teal Tundra Zone by @SunCyclone
Lava Temple by @Vixuzen
Ante-Station Zone by @Twins'R'Okay
Blizzard Bastion Zone by @PhilJFou /// ChaRG
Mercury Mine Zone by @Rexeljet
Fort Sunset Zone by @DylanDude
Ridge Rapids Zone by @particle
Hollow Hill Zone by @Othius, @Inazuma & @Spectorious


Uncharted Badlands Zone by @MK.exe
Lost Lake by @ketchupik
Lake Side Match by @glaber
Magmor Match by @glaber
Sunset Hill by @Chuckles troll

Battle CTF

Metallic Madness Zone by @Ruberjig & @Apollyon Woman
Oiled Wasteland by @InferNOr


The hub awaits...

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We are aware of some issues with the single player pk3 and we are planning to upload a fixed version soon.
SeventhSentinel updated Official Level Design Contest: Round 1 - 2021 with a new update entry:

Patch v1.1 for the SP compilation

I'm glad everyone's enjoying this contest hub, and it's great that there were no netplay issues so far, woo! Unfortunately a few bugs showed up in the new Single Player features, so we've patched them for you. Here's what it's got:
  • Fixed quick return feature not working if paired with Tailsbot
  • Fixed quick return spawning players out of bounds in the hub (technically a vanilla glitch, but still patched)
  • Fixed quick return being usable in Record Attack and Marathon Run
  • Fixed...

Read the rest of this update entry...
The abort-level button should probably be a combo of FIRE+FIRENORMAL+TOSSFLAG or a cvar to mitigate conflicts with some custom characters or any clowns that enabled ringslinger.
when half way though Ante-Station Zone in software the render just breaks for me and doesn't render anything, even when I leave back to the hub.
this is a minor nitpick but when I clear a level the clear logo doesn't apper and it looks like i never entered it, is there a way to fix this
As usual, I'm making my feedback for the mappers public, in plain text form.
NerfPlayeR135's Feedback for OLDC 2021 Round 1 - Singleplayer Bracket

{Preliminary Notes}
-I always use OpenGL for gameplay; if I saw something that could be a rendering error I momentarily switched to Software to confirm it. There was one exception this time, though.
-Normally I play as Tails, but this time I'm playing as Sonic since levels tend to be built around him.
-I always play in first-person unless something requires me to switch to third-person. For example, some of the pulleys in Arid Canyon block the player's view in first-person.
-I tend to nitpick more than I praise.
-I did not attempt to collect all emblems or perform any Record Attack runs.
-I used version 1.1 of the addon.

(16)[Emerald Glade Zone by DoodlesYT]
-This screams "test map" to me. None of the level design choices, enemy placements, and item placements make sense. In fact, it's possible to softlock yourself as anyone but Tails and Knuckles if you kill one of the Spring Shells because it's not of the golden variety that drops a spring - and that vertical boost is needed to reach one of the emerald shards.

(15)[Music Mash Zone by WasifBoomz]
-I saw Wasif's post on the OLDC thread showing his progress on this level, saying he's confident he won't get last place this time. Good news: He's most likely right, because Emerald Glade exists. Bad news: That's faint praise, because he's still got a lot to learn about level and aesthetic design. The fact that there's a seizure warning in the map header speaks volumes about how bad some of the texture choices are. The level design is better than his previous outings, but it's still questionable in many areas, and many of the attempts at map scripts are unfortunate failures. (At one point a call is made to change the music to MAP01M, which WOULD work... if this was 2.1. The names of most of the level-related music lumps were changed in 2.2 to zone abbreviations instead of map numbers; a quick look at music.dta using SLADE will give the correct names, as long as you remember to remove the O_ or D_ at the start.) Oh, and the music was probably made by Wasif himself; it's (at least partially) a remix of Toot Toot Sonic Warrior... except you really can't tell until it gets to the part where the vocals would sing "You Can Do Anything," because the sound is of such low quality.

(14)[Blizzard Bastion Zone by PhilJFou /// ChaRG]
-This level feels like it was mainly playtested with Tails (who is the easiest to play as), and little attention was given to the other characters. Case in point: You can't actually jump high enough as Sonic or Metal Sonic to get into the bastion through the gap in the portcullis; you have to do a lift jump to get in. Those monitors on the windowsills in that area? Can't reach those, either. That's not to mention the cruel enemy placement, including the odd usage of Jettisyns with one of their flags activated that only makes them chase the player if they get too close, which makes the first one instantly shoot you off the tiny platform you're on when you inevitably aggro it. (I'm not even sure if that was done on purpose or not.) The level design's not too hot either. There's an invincible turret section requiring you to jump across moving floor bars placed in a quasi-hex formation, as well as a collapsing floor trap (that doesn't actually trap you - I know it's for co-op, but still) leading to a slide with wonky wind sectors. In my opinion, one or both of these could have been cut and the level would have been better off. Oh, and the music doesn't loop properly. At least it looks fairly nice.

(13)[Bombastic Beach Zone by Shapeshifter Boi]
-I thought this level was going to be quality at first, with there being a cool "underwater dome" gimmick that's taught to the player cleverly and instantly. Then I found out that the main path through the level was a VERY badly done "dodge the moving bumpers" obstacle course (the bumpers move way too fast), and then after that the level just ends... I still think the beginning was a great way to teach the player, though, and the dome gimmick could definitely be used again.

(12)[Abyss Caverns Zone by Yyeellooww7]
-A neat aesthetic, but the level is so generous with rings and checkpoints that any difficulty it might have had may as well not exist.

(11)[Fort Sunset Zone by DylanDude]
-A unique type of level where you must collect the equivalent of 500 rings to win. The custom textures, sprites, enemies, etc. give the map a lot of charm, and the simple sound of picking up a coin is immediately satisfying. However, the map is very small, and most of the level geometry is mirrored across a horizontal axis, making it boring to keep traversing the same area over and over to keep collecting the same coins (that keep respawning) over and over.

(10)[Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone]
-A fairly well-designed level that could use a little more variety in just about every aspect, from enemies (and their placement) to items to level elements.

(09)[Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr]
-First impressions are important. When a level takes so long to load (and reload if you die) that Windows thinks SRB2 has stopped responding for a bit, that says something. The starting area told me something, too - that the enemy placement was going to be exceptionally cruel. It has an outdoor section with a 1-up that is essentially a trap, since the fan you need to use to reach it sends you way too high, and there's a Robohood, two BASHes, and a Jettisyn ready to snipe you if you so much as step out there to take a look. It just gets worse from there. From Jettisyns following you everywhere, to BASHes flying into tight spaces such as vents... Oh, and are those Bumblebores I see? Yet I don't see any Hive Elementals, so either I'm blind or the Bumblebores were placed manually as a cruel trick. It's a shame, because this level looks amazing and it's designed incredibly well, with plenty of setpieces such as the high gravity segment. Yet the technical issues and sadistic enemy placement keep it from being a home run. Oh, and the music doesn't loop properly.

(08)[Lava Temple by Vixuzen]
-This level is most likely a reference to a game I've never played, considering the custom textures and enemies. Other than that, it's a fairly fun and well-designed level. I feel it lacks some polish, though, and although the textures are of good quality, there could have been some more aesthetic touches. I thought actually being able to go through the door that opens before the floor falls out from under you, and have what's behind it be its own actual path, was an awesome idea.

(07)[Drenched Dam Zone by Voidy2246]
-An interesting, good-looking, and fairly well-designed take on a Metal Sonic race that's ultimately marred by the huge amount of invisible walls placed to railroad the player. The timer counting down to failure is a nice touch.

(06)[Koopa Kastle by Glaber]
-A Mario mode level that makes use of old Mario Koopa Blast assets, which is well within Glaber's domain as one of our community's historians. Aside from being able to cheap out the environmental hazards that aren't firebars, and the lack of aesthetic detail, it's very well designed. The ending, which is a Bowser fight that ends up being a fakeout, seguing into a Brak Eggman fight, seems much more challenging than the rest of the level, though. At least it's easier if you bring a Fire Flower. Oh, and the main level music doesn't loop properly. (What is it with people not looping their music?)

(05)[Ridge Rapids Zone by particle]
-A cheerful, grassy level that seems like it was made specifically for Knuckles, what with all the indented walls with rings laid out for him to climb. The visuals are amazing, and exploration is encouraged by allowing even Sonic to reach plenty of bonus point, ring, and 1-up monitors. And then there's a difficulty spike at the end; I died multiple times from missing the waterfall jump, and once to getting stuck in the respawning Force Shield monitor (why is that even there?) and accidentally thokking out of it into a pit.

(04)[Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet]
-A well-designed level that focuses on the titular liquid, which doesn't kill you - at least, not right away. Instead, it drains your rings, one per second, as long as you're touching it. It's a gimmick that's been done before (I still hate that one level in SUGOI that had ring drain water), but here it's only used as a penalty for failing an obstacle. The custom textures help make this level stand out, although the wide-open spaces with little in them leave a bit to be desired.

(03)[Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay]
-EXTRA PRELIMINARY NOTE: I was given information before the contest submission time ran out that this level uses visual portals, which only work in Software mode. As such, I will make sure to evaluate the level's visuals based on its appearance in the Software renderer.
-This level is exclusively in 2D mode, and uses all sorts of tricks involving teleports, 2D tracks, gravity, and visual portals to "defy Euclidean physics." And it does that job astoundingly well, while having some great level design and an aesthetic likely not seen anywhere else. Unfortunately you can only get the full effect in Software mode, which has stability issues and rendering oddities that are all amplified here. Yet the novelty of it all still makes this rough diamond shine. Also, the last section with the diagonal camera was a bit glitchy for me, as the camera kept moving slightly as I moved forward, only to snap back to its original position; this may be because my camera settings aren't the defaults, though.

(02)[Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma, & Spectorious]
-Othius, you and your crew have done it again. This is another finely-crafted masterpiece that oozes quality. The appearance, level design, enemy placement - all of it deserves a chef's kiss. The only issue I found is an error with one of the textures in OpenGL; of course, when I switched renderers to confirm the error was OpenGL-exclusive, I realized the map looked even better in Software. I also think that using the "emblem get" sound for buttons might confuse players into thinking they actually got an emblem. I'd give this 1st place... but I think someone different deserves the title of Contest Winner this time.

(01)[Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel/Chaolino]
-This latest entry in Zaxel's line of marathon-length levels is so long, it gives you an optional signpost halfway through! No, wait, it's a troll... and I fell for it. Literally. (I actually found that pretty funny.) The Thunder Yard takes the concept of electricity in classic Sonic to its absolute limit - the only non-Pity shields available are Lightning and Attraction, and electric hazards are everywhere... as are rings. There's so many rings that there's a bonus door at the end of the level that will only open if you have a thousand of them, encouraging a repeat playthrough. And, to throw in a unique twist, there are bombs that the electric shields will suck in like rings, forcing you to stay far away from them if you want to keep your shield. I absolutely love all of this. The level looks and plays incredibly well, and the cool custom enemies used in Hakuryu Dojo return, too. There's even a secret Zelda reference! I only have two complaints: the new electric jellyfish enemies are kind of pointless, since they'll only attack if you attack them, and after that you'll just leave them alone because they take five hits and home in on you; and putting pop-up turrets on the ceiling where you can't kill them is a bit cruel.
Alright, after spending ALL day I've FINALLY finished the OLDC. Here are my thoughts I've written up. Please enjoy. I am exhausted.
  • Drenched Dam Zone by Voidy2246
    • Oh, a Metal Sonic race, that’s interesting.
    • Okay, I really REALLY liked the ideas in this level, but unfortunately it gets bogged down by a few weird design decisions. Like, I like the idea of it just being an obstacle gauntlet with the time pressure from Metal Sonic, and the obstacles you have are really interesting. There’s some nice platforming, having to dodge around boxes, and also the fans, which are a nice challenge. But everything is way too cramped for it to work smoothly. I kept getting Metropolis Zone’d by crabs, hit by other enemies, and running into walls the moment I pressed a button because there’s not too much space to move around.
    • Also, why are there impassable flags everywhere? Hitting arbitrary invisible walls just makes the player feel bad, and it makes the level design feel artificial. You should try designing the level layout so that it’s only possible to get from one area to the next by going on the proper path, like as a simple example, stretching the level design all out as a straight line so you don’t need invisible walls blocking areas.
    • Overall, I think this is a really great start for a level, you’d just need to make a few small design changes to really take advantage of the goodwill of the ideas you’ve already put here.
  • Koopa Kastle by glaber
    • Okay wow, this level was actually really cool. You had some very quaint and simple platforming, but you spiced it up just enough with the different Mario gimmicks to keep things interesting. The level was all very streamlined without too much complication, which was a nice thing to see. Sometimes simple and sweet is a good thing to have, and in this case, it definitely is.
    • My one complaint would be that maybe it’s a little too easy to skip over some sections sometimes? Like, there were some outside rooms where I’m sure I could just charge a spin dash and jump across the entire room, skipping all of the level. It’s not too egregious, but depending on how you look at it, it might be a design flaw. (Also, I won’t really hold it against the level design but having to fight Brak was super lame)
  • Emerald Glade Zone by DoodlesYT
    • This level was definitely, interesting. This level was clearly just you playing around with the features of making levels, and just placing whatever you found wherever you felt like with no rhyme or reason, just to try it out. Which is a good thing! It’s clear that you’re a new mapper, and everyone starts somewhere, and experimenting with the tools you have is a perfectly sound first step.
    • Now that you’ve gotten a better grasp on how ZB works, maybe next time around, you could try having a more focused level idea, and trying to design your level around that.
  • Abyss Caverns Zone by Yyeellooww7
    • I really liked this level! You definitely have a solid knack for visual design, as every room felt nice and atmospheric. (I absolutely adored the lava room, by the way) The level design was rather simple, just a bunch of basic jump here and there platforming, not terribly varied, but nonetheless still pretty solid.
    • My complaints are that during some point it was very hallway-ish. You weren’t really doing anything besides running in a curved line, like that one area where it was just a super long trail of rings, or at the room with the goal post, which was very pretty, but not that fun to play.
    • If you could find some ways to implement some more engaging gameplay I think the level would really have a chance to shine, especially considering it’s already pretty alright as it is.
  • Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr
    • I don’t think I have to mention it to you, but you have absolutely stunning visual design! Every corner of the level is packed with so much detail, and it’s such a joy to look at. In fact… there might actually be too much detail. The visual design is on point, but the actual level design actually suffers from that. There were a bunch of points in the level where there was so much going on, and I wasn’t really sure where I was supposed to go. The level felt less like I was playing a level and more like I was running around rooms playing Where’s Waldo for the exit.
    • Which isn’t to say the level is bad, of course, it’s actually pretty great. When I was actually playing the level there were some simple yet fun setpieces, what with the rope pulley and the fans. (The no jump room was a pretty creative idea too, though it did come abruptly and wasn’t very well telegraphed so I think there’s some room for improvement there.)
    • And also it isn’t to say you should tone down the visuals, they’re still great. But I think you could do better in trying to keep in mind the actual level design and making sure it’s streamlined enough for the player to know what they’re supposed to do, and when making your visual design, making sure that it doesn’t interfere with that. Overall though, this is definitely on one of my more favored levels!
  • Bombastic Beach Zone by Shapeshifter Boi
    • Another short and sweet level that was pretty alright. I have to say that, once again, this level has a few interesting ideas but they’re mostly hampered by the fact that the level is way too cramped for the characters to move in and for those ideas to actually work well. There’s some interesting level design, what with the climb and the lake at the start of the level, but the characters are moving way too fast to take advantage of that space and actually get a chance to naturally explore the room without crashing into walls.
    • The spinning bumpers were interesting too, though I have to mention that something like a bumper in a beach level does seem a little off. There’s not a lot of space to angle your character and prepare to get past the bumper, plus the moment you touch one you either get yeeted against the wall or thrown all the way backwards, which again, is just a testament to the crampedness of the level.
    • A strange note, my favorite part of the level was the final room… except only if you were to play it backwards. It’s kind of a shame, because there’s some interesting level design with the curved ramps as you climb up the mountain, and there’s actually a decent amount of space there, (though there still could stand to be more) but you only actually encounter it if you’re backtracking. When you’re playing the level normally, you just jump off the cliff and into the goal post, skipping the entire thing, which is kind of a shame.
    • It’s an okay level, a few touch ups on the scale and some expansion on the ideas already in the level would make it a lot more solid.
  • Music Mash Zone by WasifBoomz
    • Alright, I’m really excited to see how this level improves over Hypertower and Aquatic Port this time around!
    • Okay, that was a pleasant experience, honestly, just as I expected. You really managed to streamline the gameplay this time around, everything being all wide and open pathways. Which is opposed to before, where you tried to make grand overlapping vertical pathways, but they were just too cramped and awkwardly designed to flow well. Which isn’t to say you should shy away from that in the future, it’s definitely something you could try again if you think you have the skills, but it is a smart idea to dial back down the scale and try to succeed at something simpler, which you definitely did well.
    • I liked a lot of the rooms and how they had their own gimmick that kept things interesting, like the piano, the drum, or the cymbal room, though some of them were a little awkward, like the weird goop stuff at the start, or the still super obscure and confusing puzzle in the Aquatic Port room. But on the other hand, the Hypertower room was actually surprisingly awesome, the level design was super clean and not confusing at all, and it was pretty fun to run through, which is a nice testament to how much you’ve grown!
    • There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall, I think this level was pretty okay, and I’m excited to see what you have next in store! (btw why was the music so quiet lol)
  • Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel
    • Okay, wow, this level was actually really good! It was basically a lot like Dojo, but it played up the good parts and cut out the bad parts. Now, there’s a lot less long hallways where you’re doing nothing, and a lot more interesting platforming in just about every room, and all of it is pretty fun and engaging, especially with the way you use the electricity gimmick which I thought was pretty clever.
    • There’s still a few weak points though, like there’s still a few places where the directioning is kind of weird, and overall I think the level, (and I find I’m saying this a lot for this OLDC) could stand to be scaled up a little more, just to make it that much more spacious and give the platforming more room to breathe.
    • I also have to wonder why you’re always so intent on making levels that stretch out so long, because while you did manage to make the level more engaging this time around, I still was a little burnt out by the end. (though not as much as your previous levels, admittedly) I think you might do well to cutting your levels shorter and focusing more on polishing what you already have, because what you already have I really enjoyed.
    • (Okay, but also, what is that softlock? That’s such a stupid decision, it just makes the player feel bad and I’m sure it dampened alot of people’s opinion about this level for voting.)
  • Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone
    • This level was pretty okay. There’s not really that much to write home about; it was mostly just a bunch of long hallways with some bits of platforming sprinkled here and there. The level felt a little empty, there was definitely more you could’ve packed into it since, as it is now, the level is super basic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I think what you have here is a solid foundation, but it also doesn’t stand out particularly much.
    • I would consider maybe trying to see if you can spice up some of the portions of the level where you’re basically just running with more interesting setpieces, and trying to fill up that empty space with maybe more pathways or areas you could explore.
  • Lava Temple by Vixuzen
    • This level was definitely pretty unique. I like the custom textures and the overall aesthetic, and the rollout rock switch gimmick was pretty interesting too, but I have to say, that the level kind of dragged on a bit with that. It was interesting the first two or three times but then in the middle the level kind of devolved into “navigated this cramped and increasingly repetitive platforming to tightrope walks this rollout rock onto the switch” which got kind of grating. It wasn’t too terrible, but it did get kind of boring.
    • Strangely enough, I actually really liked very end section, where you use the rollout rock to bounce on blue springs, because it was an interesting way of spicing up the gimmick by forcing the player to use the rollout rock for some interesting platforming, and I’m kinda sad that there wasn’t more of that and it was just that little bit at the end. Overall, I think there’s some good ideas in this level but it just wasn’t properly fleshed out for it to be too amazing.
    • (Addendum: I just discovered the red shield emblem and honestly that pathway was so interesting, I think the main level could have done with more challenges similar to that.)
  • Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay
    • Okay, I really liked this level! It’s definitely one of the best usages of Axis2D, not just in 2.2 but ever. (thought admittedly there aren’t even that many other axis2d levels to compare it to lol) There was a lot to look at in the level, and even during the downtime when all you were doing was just holding right, there were still bumps and hills that were fun to take advantage of momentum in that kept things from getting stale.
    • And besides that, I especially loved the actual platforming segments. There’s a whole bunch of creative polyobject usage that takes advantage of the 2.5D space and keeps the gameplay interesting as you have to time your jumps, and that, plus the constantly changing scenery really helped to keep the level fresh and interesting!
  • Blizzard Bastion Zone by PhilJFou
    • This was definitely an interesting level. You have a lot of cool ideas, like the ice platform lake, the castle maze, the ice slide, the waterfall climb, etc. and they’re all pretty varied and keep things interesting, but they are still rather hit and miss.
    • For example, the platform lake is kind of basic, and really easy to slide off on for just the beginning of the level, the crushers near the end of the level are kind of cheap and it’s hard to tell where you’re supposed to go, especially before you get crushed, the conveyor belt turret room is also pretty cheap, etc. But the ice slide is really fun, the waterfall climb is a pretty interesting platforming set piece, and the level overall looks pretty nicely decorated.
    • The level does feel like a mishmash of ideas but that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually pretty promising and it works at times, it just needs a little bit of polish to make those ideas shine and also maybe reworking some of those that don’t.
  • Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet
    • Okay, woahhhh, this level is actually super cool! It definitely has some of the most interesting usage of slopes I’ve ever seen, in regards to utilizing them for momentum-based gameplay, instead of just using them as prettier walkways. I loved all the quarter-pipes and little hills moving up and down throughout the level, and it was so fun to roll around on them.
    • On top of that, you also have some really nice in the middle of the level with those more pure platforming as you time yourself to get across the water(?) falls, which was both fun and a nice pacebreaker from the slope gameplay, and I think it works excellently.
    • The level itself also has a really nice aesthetic with the custom textures, and everything has just the perfect amount of space to utilize the momentum without feeling cramped. Honestly, this level was awesome, great job!
    • (sidenote: the first room actually reminded me of Gigapolis, so i got curious and looked it up and realized you actually were the same creator lol)
  • Fort Sunset Zone by DylanDude
    • Okay, that level was pretty cute. It was an interesting gameplay deviation, I definitely liked the idea of running around, exploring and collecting coins, but I’m not too sure if I’m keen on the execution.
    • The layout of the stage is pretty nice, I like how you have the higher value coins in harder to reach places which make it more rewarding. But the fact that the level is so small and the coin count is so high, it basically mandates you to go over areas over and over again taking advantage of the coin respawn which is kind of weird.
    • I think there’s a lot more potential in this gameplay concept, like maybe if you decreased the respawn time and added more rooms to have more places to explore and encourage players to do so, which would make the level more fun. As it is now, it’s not terrible, but it does seem rather barebones.
  • Ridge Rapids Zone by particle
    • Okay, wow, dude, I’ve seen you on YouTube but I didn’t know you made levels and I am blown away because this is absolutely amazing! The level design is super clean and has a lot of fun and tight platforming, plus, it’s expertly woven into the exploration factor of the level, where there’s lots of different areas and places to explore and each of them making up their own interesting differing paths. (which gets especially cool when they’re also character split paths because it makes it that much more interesting)
    • The visual design is on point, but a minor thing I might point out to improve it is that a lot of the areas seem like they could use a little extra touch to make them feel less empty, particularly in the sense of Things, where I think some cavern areas would benefit from stalactites/stalagmites, and the outside areas might have some more bushes or even some more flowers spread throughout to make the ground feel less flat. The level was still beautiful overall though, and honestly, I don’t have much more to say than it was great and I wish there was more of it.
    • (what’s up with those homs though lmao)
  • Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious
    • Okay, this level was pretty cool, just like I’d expect from you guys. The visual design was super good, everything was really detailed and it had a really nice spooky aesthetic (shame you couldn’t release this on Halloween) that was really unique.
    • From a level design perspective, I’d say that it was -pretty- good, but at this point, I think I’m starting to get a little disillusioned, because it kind of feels like the same level over and over again. (This note is particularly directed at Kwiin.) The gameplay is just “keep on running and jumping across these long open slopey pathways and don’t stop”, which is a perfectly solid gameplay foundation, but the problem is, there’s not a lot of pace breakers or gimmicks that keep the level design fresh. The problem is the core gameplay hardly varies, which makes the level kind of blend together because when you play it, you’re just doing the same motions over and over again with slightly different variations.
    • Having segments that force the player to stop a bit and take their time, instead of being able to cheese it by just running and jumping some more like they’ve been doing, are important in breaking up the gameplay from feeling stale. Like, I particularly liked the Fang/Amy path near the start where you have to slowly climb up a chamber with the rising goop water, and I think that if more sections vaguely akin to that were in the level, it would make it more interesting. That’s the whole purpose of gimmicks, to force the player to play the game in a different way besides the basic running and jumping on platforms, and keeping things varied.
    • Of course, this is all just nitpicking on a level that is definitely super good on its own merits already, these are just some thoughts I had while playing through it, especially considering who it came from.
  • Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious
  • Ridge Rapids Zone by particle
  • Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet
  • Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel
  • Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr
  • Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay
  • Koopa Kastle by glaber
  • Blizzard Bastion Zone by PhilJFou
  • Drenched Dam Zone by Voidy2246
  • Music Mash Zone by WasifBoomz
  • Lava Temple by Vixuzen
  • Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone
  • Fort Sunset Zone by DylanDude
  • Abyss Caverns Zone by Yyeellooww7
  • Bombastic Beach Zone by Shapeshifter Boi
  • Emerald Glade Zone by DoodlesYT
Honestly, great work from everyone this time around, I had a lot of fun playing these levels!
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