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Welcome to Round 1 of the 2023 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab! The OLDC is a celebration of all the map creators in our community. This time around, it is also the introduction of UDMF to the event, unlocking unique new level creation possibilities.


You download the collab's files, play them, and that's it! We encourage you to leave a review on this page and/or share detailed feedback in this addon's thread (click the Discussion tab to go there). You can also enter a future OLDC.

Thanks to all our submitters! Have fun!


NEW! Teleporter pads by @Tatsuru
NEW! Level completion tracker by @Tatsuru
NEW! Random & Multiplayer map portals by @Tatsuru
World-to-Screen level names by @Tatsuru & @Varren
Map portals by @Tatsuru
Voting UI by @Tatsuru
Collecting emerald token gives you an emerald by @Lach
Single player: character swapper by @clairebun and @Tatsuru
Single player: press+hold Tab+Spin to return to hub by @Tatsuru
Thanks to SanekoGato for button graphics​


Single Player

Spleenik The Game by @dashdahog
Rigonemetis 33 by @InferNOr
The Cyber Grind by @BuggieTheBug
HillTop Fort Zone by @mammothmogulfan22
Network Terminal Zone by @wat_newby3
Tectonic Bluffs Zone by @TrustyGun
Twilight Hill Zone by @csean07 ☆Kori☆
Blue Mountain Zone by @Avalice
Veggie Keeps Zone by @Jisk
High Jump Hijinx Zone by @glaber
Robotropolis Tunnels Zone by @Rogerregorroger
Tofu Thalweg Zone by @RoyKirbs
Confined Ravine Zone by @Vixuzen
Sunset Skyscrapers Zone by @MarbleCheese
Scarlet Canyon Zone by @NordVPN & @NeonSRB2
Scrap Brain Zone by @CILC
Final Zone by @CILC
Soulside Dungeon Zone by @Zaxel Katsugyo
Sandy Night Zone by @TheLastKitchenGun
Hoehle denk ich by @Bewinus
The Factory Zone by @Enes2gamer
Radiant Reverie Zone by @Princess Plushima
Algae Railway Zone by @JABSphere94
Birabuto Sands Zone by @Pallaris
Blossom Breeze Zone by @Spiritsune & @Othius
Sky Sanctuary Zone by @malom


Pseudo Meadow Match by @dashdahog


Pseudo Meadow Match Zone by @dashdahog


Heaven Pass Remake Zone by @glaber
Frosty Pass Zone by @JABSphere94



Thanks to @Othius, @RoyKirbs, @Tatsuru, and @Larz T for their work on the hub.
Thanks to @clairebun for the new OLDC music.
Thanks to @Dakras for help with the skyboxes.
Thanks to @CILC for the cool logo.
Thanks to @Katmint for help with their MobjLagKiller script used for Twilight Hill! (We didn't end up actually using it, but it's still worthwhile to check out if you have issues with running any level!)
Thanks to @Pikaspoop for last minute SOC fixes and writing a Lua script to fix the Circuit freeze bug.
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Latest reviews

Feels like everyone really brought their A-game this time! I guess Tofu Thalweg and Sky Sanctuary are the highlights for me, mainly for their explorative use of the larger scale maps can now be in UDMF. It's seriously impressive the variety of level gimmicks here considering how brand-new these mapping features are for SRB2. Radiant Reverie shows that automated gimmicks can actually be a joy in the right context, and Robotropolis Tunnels and Hoehle Denk Ich give an escape-sequence thrill I've never yet felt in SRB2. The only prominent issue I can think of would be the confusing backgrounds in Sunset Skyscraper, kept falling to my death trying to land on buildings in the background.
Upvote 0
Probably my favorite OLDC! Lots of really interesting ideas and amazing visuals in so many of the maps.
Upvote 0
In my humble opinion, this is the best oldc yet. EVERY map is a winner in my eyes. It's also great to see a such a diverse lineup of different design concepts for each map. I had a phenomenal time playing this pack and being part of it as well.

I'm looking forward to the next one.
Upvote 1
Incredible work all around this year so many fun levels and fresh ideas.
loved the pride flags at the start made me feel included and were a fun addition as towels.
Upvote 2
I really like this OLDC, the levels, and the hub world. But I want to say, Why do you always shove LGBTQ down people's throats? What's the point of putting it there? It's not even Pride Month, yet you still put it there just for the sake of putting it there. Other than that, this OLDC is fantastic. Good job, team.
Upvote 6
Incredible work all-around this year! Will give detailed feedback in the Discussion thread when I get the chance.
Upvote 2
I haven't played all the levels yet but every level I've played so far are really good! (except twilight hill zone that one's borderline unbeatable on low end PCs cause of terrible/nonexistent optimisation)
Upvote 2
I have a problem about entering the levels I can't get in can you fix the bug? (Also by the way it is awesome)
Please do not use the review section to report bugs. I've heard that playing with certain other mods causes your issue. Try loading less mods, or try loading them in a different order.
Upvote 0
Bro we are eating good this month, first 2.2.12, then 2.2.13, then this! At this rate, we might get 2.3 this year, probably because of sonic superstars and a lot more
Upvote 2