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This lua script reduces lag from maps significantly by deactivating all objects on spawn and only activating them while they're within a certain radius of any player. Objects activated by proximity will deactive a few seconds after the player leaves the radius.

Use the perfstats 2 and ps_samplesize 175 console commands to compare map performance.

Technically works in multiplayer but with diminishing returns based on player count. Will probably actually make lag worse with a high amount of players.

If you want to change the activation range modify the dist variable in the script.

Demonstration (activation radius for visibility):
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  1. blacklisted certain objects

    Disabled the script for bosses, flamethrowers, and OLDC hubs due it it breaking them. Note that...

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as someone who likes to run srb2 with like 20 mods, this REALLY helps as it makes maps like RVZ and CEZ run smoother than 15 fps
very good very nice 10/10
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Underappreciated and probably ESSENTIAL if you're playing certain 2023 OLDC maps on a toaster. Actually makes Twilight Hill run as it should!
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Man Thanks! It worked very well!
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as expected from katmint, this addon is outstanding and really makes a smooth single player experience.
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