Hey, been a while!
Sorry for the long wait, we wanted to be very thorough with this bug fix.
As usual, there's been miscellaneous map fixes and texture cleanup done by our talented mappers!

Here's some of the more pressing changes:
-Lag caused by Twilight Hill (and other instances of high amounts of Mobjs) have been fixed!
-Circuit will no longer freeze servers if any players get DNF'd (for real this time I promise).
-Confined Ravine should have better performance with high player counts now.
-The bomb in Robotropolis Tunnels should actually deactivate in Netgames now.
-Sunset Skyscrapers Zone has working springs now.

There's probably going to be one more update from @Othius, but besides that I think we're pretty much done!
As always, please report any bugs or issues you find! And thank you for a wonderful first round of OLDC this year!
Yo, @Pikaspoop here!
We made some fixes to the OLDC in the context of netplay, and some of our map contributers also made minor bug fixes to their own maps (That I will not list because there are a lot).

So here's the main changes:
-The Hub will hide Cybergrind on net-games, and play a message when near it.
-Robotropolis Tunnels is more forgiving on Net-Play now, no longer will the whole server lose if one player runs out of time.
-The Robotropolis bomb timer sectors will only activate once.
-Various small map changes made by their respective creators.

Welp, that's it! I hope you all enjoy this year's first round of OLDC!
The Random Selection orb broke in v1.1 due to an improper build archive, I presume, as rebuilding the directory fixed the problem.
- Removed multiplayer support for Cybergrind, it was causing softlocks in netgames.
- Moved a hub emblem (It's more fun now)
- Removed visual errors in Scarlet Canyon & Confined Ravine
- Fixed Confined Ravine lua
- Fixed sprite offsets of some objects
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