Welcome to Neo Palmtree Zone!

This is a level I've been cooking up for a while now. Originally an ULDC entry, I've decided that now is the time to release.


Traverse through the beach into the grassy heights and dark caves that await you.

  • Multiple paths.
  • 5 Global Emblems and 2 Record Attack emblems you can collect.
  • And, of course, a lot of palm trees.

Custom textures and objects created by GoldenB4.
Palmtree Panic JP (Present)'s music was composed by Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata.
Any of the original textures and sprites used were created by Sonic Team Jr.
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Latest reviews

This is the most popular SRB2 map, modded or not, that I've ever seen. This is absolutely crazy! It also (kinda) mimics CD's level design of being very big and encouraging exploration to reach the finish.
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amazing stage, similar to the original game in textures and etc. But it has a problem and it's so big that you can easily get lost and not find where to go.(I couldn't pass it because of that :( )
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to andy's review: you already downloaded it
but for people who don't know how, there is a button that says DOWNLOAD. click it and it will download it for you. Also I've seen gameplay of this, and it looks AMAZING. 5 stars for you.
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i think this level, for a level based on SONIC CD's Palmtree Panic, is honestly outstanding

My computer runs this level perfectly and playing it with Modern Sonic or Adventure Sonic makes this level even more fun. I saw one say how it's easy to get lost, but it really isn't , just get gud
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Good when you know where you're supposed to go, not so fun when you mess up the tight platforming or straight up just get lost.
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this level is awesome,and i see why people like it,but i have 2 problems with it
the first one being that you can get lost VERY often,unless you know EXACTLY where you're supposed to go,as there are no clear indications on where the end of the stage is

the second one is the lag
it lags so much,but you can still play it and have fun with it
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looks pretty cool but, how do i even download it?
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Hands-down the GOAT when it comes to mod maps. I went through 3 devices (phone, tablet, new phone) before I was able to run this level without massive framerate drops, but the fact that I kept trying should tell you everything. This level is absolutely ENORMOUS, with multiple viable paths (some taking such different routes that you can complete the level multiple times without crossing the same ground twice). It's admittedly pretty easy to get turned around your first couple of trips through, but given that so many SRB2 maps are short enough to be beaten in under a minute it's a testament to this map's sheer breadth that you have to navigate it by landmarks rather than simply holding forward. If you've beaten the main game and are looking for something with as much polish as a vanilla single player campaign level this should be your very first stop.
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i like this stage. its very vibrant and i like that. my only problem is that the level is a bit mazey, but its still a good level
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Still one of my favorite maps for SRB2 ever, even if it has some small performance issues.
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