Moilols "Talez" PerHour (Legacy)

Moilols "Talez" PerHour (Legacy) v1.7 - Generations Update - 1 Minute Patch

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It's Talez! The fun, energetic fox that is ready for action!


He was back.

Back at Greenflower. But why?

He saw Eggman's ship blow up. HE DESTROYED IT.

But he was back here, as if nothing happend. He was... trapped.
All he wanted to do was get his cheesey curds. But... somehow, he's stuck here.

Suddenly, a orange fox appeared!
"Hey! You must be Sonki! I am Talez! I saw you fall into a portal and I wanted to help you!"

Sonki did not want anything to do with this random fox that had followed him into the portal. He could do all this on his own. Besides, he had done it once before.

Unexpectedly, that annoying Pterodactyl enemy from Red Volcano Zone swooped in and stole Talez's airpods because she had them for some reason!

"Oh no Sonki! we have to work together to get my airpods back!"

Sonki could not care less. He tried communicating in his language of Sonic 1 Sound Effects but he could not. Now Talez and Sonki were off on a grand adventure.

Fly - Primary Ability

Fly. It's flying like vanilla Tails. Also that is definitely not a TGT reference in that gif shut up.

Spindash - Secondary Ability
Do I need to explain this?

Air Dash - IDK What To Call This Ability Type

Hold Spin when in the air to get a burst of height! If you hate vanilla flying then this is for you!

Flight Call - Frien Ability

If you have Talez as player 2, you can do the Vanilla flight call ability.
(Sonki Not Included)

It'sSonki! - Character and Artist
SLS64LGamingBro - Coder for Talez

(Also, yes, Talez is bigger than Sonki, because Sonki is a tiny hedgehog and Talez is a normal-sized fox)

Thanks to all those who Downloaded the Sonki mod! Hope you all have a wonderful day!​
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Latest reviews

i really like the funni talez, its moveset is a better tails, better = cooler = funny
i really like this mod and play it with my friends, same with sonki
Upvote 0
uh oh i missed the release on this one unlike sonki
anyways i really love the sprites and since i like my flying characters fast the air dash does wonders
epic mod as always
Upvote 0
It's like seeing myself in a mirror.
Upvote 0
Terrible character....
opinion respected. i can agree that this isn't the best character out there, but that's ok! bad reviews mean i just need to do better to make something everyone likes! thank you for your support! however, as i speak i am currently finishing up an update for this character, so be sure to come back for this update and see if anything that you may enjoy!
Upvote 1
Great mod! I do have a few problems though, first of all he has no swim sprites, second I liked Tails better when he was smol but whatever, awesome job!
thanks for reminding me of that problem with the swimming sprites. gonna have to fix those in an update soon
Upvote 0
This mod is great tbh, pairs well with the Sonki mod.
Upvote 3
The only thing i need to say.

Jokes aside, the concept is actually really good!
Upvote 2
Welcome to releases! Despite how simplistic they are, the sprites do have a fairly unique charm to them. Moveset wise, it's kinda just slightly better tails, but honestly given what you're going for here, that's totally fine.
Upvote 3