Mizzy The Silverfish

[Open Assets] Mizzy The Silverfish v1.4

Alright I know I said the last update would be the last before v2, but I recently found out that multiplayer is INCREDIBLY broken. This update should work out all the kinks pertaining to multiplayer, so you can play with your friends now!! Yippee
This SHOULD - emphasis on SHOULD - be the last update until the sprite update.

This update fixes the phase gauge, and patches the infinite jump glitch. Her jumps have also been slightly nerfed.

Plus, battlemod support has been added! Mizzy now has the Phase Shot in battle mode - inspired by the homing projectile move seen in Sonic Frontiers!

This should clean up a lot of people's complaints about 1.2.1, and hopefully will bump up the ratings a little. Enjoy!
I know I said the previous update would be the last for a while, but I've managed to get so many improvements done with the abilities that I just had to release another version!

In this update, Mizzy doesn't use rings for her Phase Shift; rather, she has a Phase Gauge, acting similar to Sonic's Boost Gauge! The only difference is that rings and enemies won't recharge it (for now), but it will instead recharge in around 5 seconds at zero capacity!

The primary Phase Shift also acts more like Sonic's Boost now; it can destroy enemies and walls (no more getting stuck!) on impact!

I hope you enjoy this update!
This is probably the last update I'm gonna post for a while, since I'm gonna work on making Mizzy MUCH better in the next one and it'll take some time. This is just a tiny update to make her a little more fun to play.

For now though, I've changed her acceleration with Insta-Sprint to be more bearable, and double jumping no longer uses Rings. That's it.
I had intended to upload this update earlier, sorry for the wait lol

Changelog is as follows:

-Fixed a bug in which Mizzy would be left in a rolling state after holding Spin and running out of rings; since she doesn't have rolling sprites she would just kinda slide on the floor in her standing sprite

-Changed Phase Shift sprites to be compatible with Multiplayer's color changing system

-Goalpost sprite added