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Proud Sky Zone was previously seen in this community as a level developed by Plutia back in the 2015 July/August Official Level Design Contest where it scored last place in the division it was in.

Truly art such as it was not appreciated in it's day eight years ago. So, I took it upon myself to remake the whole thing for modern SRB2 standards. Yes, really.


The list of new features are:​
  • A graphic!​
  • Another graphic??​
  • Longer airtime! (wow!)​
  • Incredible soundtrack of: A song.​
  • Will cure the measles! (Will not cure the measles)​
  • More content?? (I hope so!)​
Please consider your daily dose!

Credits to Team Blue Spring for both Mario-related assets. May not receive the full effect of the joke for unknown weird reasons.
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This was the most magnum opus I've ever seen! 5 stars, A plus, four stars!
(Okay, but jokes aside, I hate April Fools Day, and this was... pretty effective of a joke mod.)
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