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Metroid Vanguard is the story campaign's name for Samus Aran, a character mod originating from much excitement upon seeing Metroid Dreadnought!

Whether you play Samus' story which comes with unique dialogue, stages, events and bosses...or play Hunters to fight other players, looking for powerups and aiming for 100% item rate is always the name of the game! You can customize the game with the Gunship's menus, so if you really want to play 3rd person, suck at aiming, etc, you'll be covered with the Lock-On and other accessibility options.

New 2.2 Features:
  • Up to 99 save files that are even cross-compatible with online play or levelpacks.
  • New story, events, dialogue, and DSZ4+ACZ4! Features new secrets, bosses and enemies.
  • 3 new optional bonus items, new hidden techniques, and a Lock-On for people playing third-person, are bad at aiming, stuck in a laggy net-game, etc!
  • Hunters gamemode! Specialized version of Match just for Samus with optimized settings. Crossplay with Sonic characters and mods like Duke is still possible!
  • New options, first-play menu, and (highly recommended)auto-add feature for SamusMusic.pk3.

BurningFox - Upgrading the player sprites from the original Dreadnought ones, and making the Power Suit variants!
Lightdasher - Making the sprites for Arid Canyon 4's custom boss!
Giancarlo1987 - The Metroid Vanguard logo you see in the thread!
DrStephen - 100% ending firework sprites
SMS Alfredo, Bloops, Tatsuru, Amperbee, Flame - Giving me Lua tips when I got stuck
Hero 3.0 TSB - Adding an extra frame to Samus' jump animation.
Nev3r - Letting me edit assets from his canceled Samus to make the new visor-edges.
Rumia1 - Getting placeholder MIDIs for those unable/unwilling to get SamusMusic.pk3
Motdspork - Being a big inspiration with his Duke Nukem release!

And from beyond the SRB2 community
Spore Spawn - Allowing me to use and edit his reticule for the scan visor, and also the item capsule for the 3 new bonus items!
TerminalEst123 and the Metroid Dreadnought Team - Main inspiration. Some of og base assets. Generally being awesome.
Ramagno - For the side view of the Omega Metroid sprite, originally seen in AM2R. I based the design and other angles of his sprite!
Music Composers - I've included a tracklist with credits alongside the SamusMusic pk3! Hope I did okay by you all the way I mixed it in. Special thanks to MetalWario64 for remastering some tracks exclusively for Metroid Vanguard!

Samus teaches you how to play as you go and unlock upgrades one at a time, so you should be able to ease yourself into it even if you've never played Metroid games. Your ship unlocks advanced info, so stop back often if you like knowing all the intricacies!

Options & QOL Changes:
-You're now presented a clear warning and option to censor the ACZ4 corpse scene when you enter ACZ4.

-The First Setup Menu now sets your Crosshair to "Angle". It only does this for the first time playing, hopefully that's an ok compromise.
-Default Lock-On setting is now "toggle" rather than "hold".
-Cursor now starts at your saves rather than "Play Without Saving", and you'll need to hold jump for 1 second to select "play without saving".
-New tutorial on Lock-On, Charging, and Monitor Hunting, since some poor confused souls were being introduced to Samus in Hunters/Match/CTF, otherwise only knowing how to spam poorly aimed powerbeam shots.
-Revised Level Clear theme by MetalWario64.
-Directional blood splatter when getting hit is now a Prime-style light.

Balance Changes:
-Powerbombs/Hyper Beam instakill Egg-Guards, and their teleport now accounts for vertical aim, momentum, and height limitations.
-The ACZ4 and DSZ4 bosses deal less damage. (Roughly 10%, depends on attack)
-Hitting Samus players multiple times in a row with weaker attacks will now also be able to make them drop their emeralds/flag.
-CF is 20% less common in Hunters/Match/CTF.
-You'll regain a spacejump if you bounce off a monitor.(Remember you can also morph/walljump to freedom when "stuck" in a corner)
-Edited ACZ4's ending to make the implied trick more apparent, hopefully having players disregard the Shinespark and Boost Ball sooner.

Bug Fixes:
-The Hunters/Match medals for winning in Challenger Mode are fixed! By extension, the True Hyper Beam Combo is available again!
-Fixed Hypermode enemies not spawning properly upon respawn in single player if the mapheader had noreload.
-Enemy rolling now only happens in 2.2.9 to prevent lag when using 2.2.8.
-CF glow is now disabled if you're using software to stop lagging the game. Thanks, ancient renderer.
-Fixed a rare save loading issue upon respawn.
-More various bugfixes and minor balance adjustments.
-Rare crash upon booting save menu. About 0.1% to 10% chance depending on how laggy the game is. Playing in Software or using the Android port also increase crash odds. This should sort itself if SRB2 ever gets optimized, but perhaps I can figure out a solution one day. Custom online-compatible save systems are tricky.
-Adding SamusMusic.pk3 BEFORE SMCL_Samus means you get the placeholder music. Add Samus first, then add it or just let the auto-add feature do it's thing.
-If you add custom colors before adding Samus, her suit colors may be different for that playsession. Adding Samus first negates this problem.
There is an isolated gorey scene in ACZ4. While obscured by darkness, the details are intense. You'll get an unmissable warning well before it appears and an option to turn it off, so don't worry if you feel you'd otherwise enjoy the mod.
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Latest reviews

Beautiful. Only complaint is that the extra bosses feel just a tiny bit too difficult. Loved it otherwise. Kinda wish there was an option for beam stacking, just for fun.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
No plans for it, but hopefully the Hyper Beam fills that void a bit.
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Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Thanks alot! It looks like MotorRoach will make your dream come true!
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I've loved this mod ever since its very first version in 2.1. It's genuinely a shining beacon of how much one can love a series. All the details, all the references, how you've managed to implement tricks from Super Metroid into a 3D space and make it work in a Sonic game! I've never played a Metroid Prime game, but I have played Metroid, MII:RoS, and beaten SM. This actually encouraged me to play the latter of the three.

Even after making what felt like a perfect mod, you've managed to make it even better! The new maps are a very welcome addition, and the new bosses are exactly what Samus needed to feel like there was a challenge before the endgame and outside of Hyper and Fusion mode.

If I had to give any criticism, it's that a lot of the enemies in Hyper(+) are extremely touchy and sometimes downright obnoxious in the case of Pyre Flies, Egg Guards (I played an outdated version so ignore this one if it doesn't apply anymore), and Gold Buzz's.

-Pyre Flies take up a huge amount of space, sometimes forcing you to fire at them long before trying to platform, and slowing the pace in what is otherwise a fast-paced endgame.
- Egg Guards on the bridge, and pretty much anywhere else, are just... actual pain, and cause the same problem as Pyre Flies, slowing the pace down to a crawl until you demolish each last one of them at points where you just want to speed and not get sniped by a Robo Hood.
- Gold Buzz's are... well, obvious. They'd be fine if there weren't so many of them in THZ1, and if the Emeralds didn't require no-damage runs. Thanks to the combination of circumstances, it makes Gold Buzz's excruciatingly painful unless you have Wave Beam or are really good with your shots.

Even those enemies aren't enough for me to falter on giving this 5 Stars. This is just *the* best character mod SRB2 has ever seen. Worth every minute of wait.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Yo, awesome! If you ever do get to Metroid Prime and wanna do some speedrun stunts, I'd go with the NTSC Gamecube version! Otherwise, do the Prime Trilogy. The controls take less time to get into.

Unlike most actual Metroid games, Missiles/Beam Combos are almost always useful, so try not to be afraid of the number 0. Regular missiles always 1-shot Gold Buzzes, so alternately spamming ice beam + missiles lets you brute force them without a Wave Beam or super weapon. I personally like using Spazer Charge shots at point blank range too then resorting to missiles if needed. You can also always fire a Super Missile at the ground if you don't think you can stop them in time.

Pyre Flies are Beam Combo fodder. They spawn in huge groups, which means you'll likely regain all ammo, or MORE if you have ACZ4's Ammo Digitizer. Blast away.

...the Egg Guards I had to nerf in v1.1 to be more easily exploitable and get wrecked by Hyper Beams/Power Bombs. They teleport in the direction you're looking, so exploit that and 1-shot them with plasma if they're in the way.
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This is the best SRB2 mod out there
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
I graciously accept this compliment...and your credit card number.
Upvote 1
spoilers ahead for bosses, please experience this yourself before reading (seriously it's super good please play it)

Holy fucking shit. It might seem like I'm exaggerating or being ridiculous but this is literally the best game(?) I have played in years. I'm working my way through Metroid Prime 1 via dolphin at the moment, and I wish I had opted for the mouse and keyboard hack because, while still fun, tank controls make things way more cumbersome than they need to be (shocking opinion, I know). But this? Again, holy fucking shit. It's literally a crossover between Sonic, Doom, and Metroid, which are series that have had the most satisfying gameplay loops in my experience. And even that fact is a cherry on top in and of itself.

I would've given this 5 stars from the unique levels after Deep Sea and Arid Canyon alone, ESPECIALLY the bosses. Just wow. You're just stumbling through a dark cave, exploring around, and then you fall into some new area and OH MY GOD THE CAMERA'S ROLLING AROUND LIKE CRAZY AND SOMETHING IS SHOOTING AT YOU GET ON YOUR FEET AND SHOOT AT IT GO GO GO GO GO and then you get your bearings and its a GIANT FUCKING MUTATED METROID MONSTER THAT'S STARING AT YOU AND CHARGING TOWARDS YOU REALLY FUCKING FAST and if it's not that then it's LIKE 50 SHADOW CLONES OF DARK SAMUS OH FUCK

wrap it all up with satisfying gameplay, great music (I mean it's metroid music ofc its great), tons of stuff to collect, and an amazing coat of polish on the whole thing and you've got yourself a god damn masterpiece. Very well done.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Man...wish I got to see that reaction live. Sounds like a good time. Thanks for playing!
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I couldn't even possibly explain why i love this mod so much

it's just so good (even if i hate the horror segments, but i just hate horror in general)

Fang didn't have to die for this but he did

Like seriously this mod is so good. I apologize for having somewhat negative opinions after SMS. Amazing work. nothing like it and nothing will be like it.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
No need to apologize, you can totally hate SMS but still like this!
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it's an awesome mod, that's for sure, but there was one issue with the bat file. instead of showing the actual filename (SMCL_Samus-V1.1.pk3) it showed (SMCL_Samus-V1-1.pk3). so that took a little rearranging, not the biggest possible problem but i thought you should know
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
....I am such an idiot.

Well, thanks. All downloads have this rectified now.
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the scale of this mod, just, WOW
and it will be teh closest thing to metroid prime i'll ever get
10 outta 10
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A banger as always, Shine -- the quality of your work here is absolutely aweing. Samus seems to perfectly blend her home game's mechanics with those of SRB2, and it's an added bonus that there's a mode for better compatibility with vanilla characters. Haven't gotten my hands on an official Metroid title yet (Metroid Prime 4 will happen eventually) but I'm convinced this is pretty darn close to what it feels like.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Best kinda compliment I could get! Here's to Metroid Prime 4 becoming awesome!
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I've always been a fan of Metroid Dreadnought when it came out in the DOOM WAD section of the mods. Man, being able to shoot demons as Samus was truly something. Of course, like most metroid mods or fangames though, it was eventually abandon/little word was being heard on its development.
And then came along Metroid: Vanguard
And I gotta say, Metroid: Vanguard definitely carries the spirit of Dreadnought with it, despite the engine differences with SRB2.
For one, if you're like any metroid speedrunner, the mechanics to execute complex speedrunner techniques are built right into SRB2, but combined with the mechanics thrown into this mod - Ball boosting, Shinesparking, even ball-spiking off of enemies - adds to that experience a whole lot. Now unfortunately with SRB2 does come the caviate of semi-imprecise movement - IE, Samus kinda moves with a bit of a delay, as with any other character in SRB2, and when it comes down to strafing or shooting at a target, ESPECIALLY with the custom ones the mod adds, you're gonna find yourself at the edge of a game over quite a bit. If you can get over Vanguard's movement in comparison to Dreadnought's, however, it's still a very rewarding mod with a good depth on how metroid operates in something like SRB2. Pardon my french, but this fucking guy knows how to nail the feeling of a metroid game in the custom maps he made - the isolated, lonely, and downright haunting ambience combined with those tense build-ups before the custom bosses adds a whole ton to this mod than any other mod, and this is what sets it apart from its Dreadnought inspiration. If anything, I hope Golden Shine goes on to add onto Dreadnought even with the amount of detail he puts into his maps and the enemies as well, he's got talent, and it's very apparent he's a hard-core Metroid fan.
Beyond the movement criticsm, my only other critisms would be the lack of new, custom maps and other custom enemies. Don't get me wrong, what's in there is great, but otherwise it IS just a character mod throughout. Maybe in future versions we'll see more added to it, but otherwise it does leave one wishing for a little more.

Overall, great mod, dare I say it even goes above and beyond Metroid Dreadnought in both its presentation and amount of detail. As someone that's been playing metroid since Prime 1, hell, since even Super, Golden's definitely outdone himself here with everything thrown in, and I highly recommend keeping an eye out on the other stuff he makes with this amount of quality put into this one mod.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Welcome! You're right, this whole project was born from trying out Dreadnought!

I adore Prime and the 2D games for different reasons, so I tried to combine the gameplay. Hence all the speedrunning tricks despite this looking Prime-styled.

I did have the idea to give Samus quicker acceleration or the sideways dash-jumps when locked on(like Prime), I just didn't want to disadvantage players not using Lock-On. What could help is that the Space Jump gives extra horizontal thrust. The walljump redirection can help too, and midair Boost Ball-ing is ridiculously powerful compared to Prime.
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