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The Melon Pack!

A pack with 0 melons in it.

MAPY6 - Skeletal Sands Zone
Race by and through the bones of colossal beasts in this arid canyon! (3 Laps)


MAPY7 - Thunder Circuit Zone
Drift through and water skip on this small circuit in a raging thunderstorm! (7 Laps)


MAPY8 - Killer Skies Zone
Try not to fall off of this Killer Instinct inspired course! (4 Laps)


MAPY9 - Diamond Dust Zone
Slip and slide in this classic zone from Sonic 3D Blast! (4 Laps)


MAPYY - VB Raceway Zone
Race through this "ultimate classic system" inspired map! (5 Laps)


Some players may find the visuals of this map disorienting so I have included an extra download that features palettes that change the look of the map.
(Grey, blue, green, and no palette) These palettes are also included in the base pk3 for server hosts

MAPZQ - Eientei Mansion Zone
AKA Stage 5 from the game you never played with the music you know. (3 Laps)


MAPZR - Astral Drop Zone
Speed through this starlit, ruin-strewn, forest! (4 Laps)


MAPYZ - Hyrule Forest Zone
Duke it out in this Zelda 2 based map!


MAPZT - Pool Party Zone
It's the 8 ball kind, not the swimming kind.


MAPZX - Wind Fish Egg
Get scrambled in the final dungeon from Link's Awakening!


Version 6.1

Thunder Circuit
-Removed fence trap

Version 6

- Changed custom data to customtracks.dat
- Added Pool Party Zone

VB Raceway
- Fixed a major skip

Version 5.1

VB Raceway
- Added some visual changes
- Map is now mobjscaled

Version 5

- This pack now uses custom game data because of Lua
- Added Hyrule Forest and Wind Fish Egg

Version 4.1

VB Raceway
- Changed name from Virtual Raceway to VB Raceway
- Added an invisible wall to prevent players from jumping to an earlier part of the map

Version 4

Virtual Raceway
- First release!

Version 3

Skeletal Sands
- Now uses a custom palette
- New encore and encore music
- Minimap is now aligned correctly

Thunder Circuit
- Now uses a custom palette
- New skybox

Killer Skies
- Now uses a custom palette

Diamond Dust Zone
- First release!

Version 2.1

Skeletal Sands
- Added correct credit for music

Version 2

- Added Killer Skies, a brand new map!
- Added encore support to Skeletal Sands and Thunder Circuit, all maps in this pack support encore now
- Fixed an SOC error that prevented the pack from being used in Record Attack (Thanks Superstarxalien!)
- Added a custom banner

Skeletal Sands
- Major visual update
- Removed the "haunted house turn" at the spiral
- Added a ramp on the straightaway before the spiral
- Added pity boosters below the final jump
- Moved first item set to the entrance of the first cavern
- Changed music

Thunder Circuit
- Adjusted the length of the second water skip
- Removed the weather change

Killer Skies
- First Release!

Version 1.1

Skeletal Sands
- Reduced the amount of offroad in the ending cavern section
- Added more signs at the spiral
- Fixed sneaker panel alignment

Thunder Circuit
- Added some walls to prevent players from getting stuck behind a fence
- Removed the floating trees (rip)
- Added leniency ramps in the rivers so players cant bonk the walls on the rivers and die
- Added more item boxes (missing the only set in the level felt bad)
- Added a weather and lighting change that takes place partway through lap 4
- Fixed some non-solid midtextures
  • SkeletalSandsMMFinal.png
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  • ThunderCircuitMMFinal.png
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  • KillerSkiesMMFinal.png
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  • Diamond Dust ZoneMMFINAL.png
    Diamond Dust ZoneMMFINAL.png
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  • VirtualRacewayMMFinal.png
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  • kart0213.png
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  • HyruleForestMMFinal.png
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  • WindFishEggMMFinal.png
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  • kart0233.jpg
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  • BattleBilliardsMMFinal.png
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First release
Last update
4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 8.1

    Added staff ghosts to all maps! Added encore to Eientei Mansion and Astral Drop Miscellaneous...
  2. Melon Pack [V8]

    New map: Astral Drop Killer Skies, Thunder Circuit, Eientei Mansion: Visual touch ups and bug...
  3. Melon Pack [V7.1]

    Fixed the second jump in DIamond Dust so shrunken down low speed characters don't always die...

Latest reviews

Very solid selection of maps that don't rely on tacky gimmicks (other than maybe VB raceway on the default pallet, but that's really funny and charming). All of the maps have good readability and all stand out visually. I must especially applaud the new map, Eientei Mansion, it is very appealing on the eyes. That being said, I do think Thunder Circuit is a little bit weak, due to its checkpoints and the water skip, but it is still pretty fun. Overall, I give it a 9/10.
Upvote 1
I like this pack :) I will only write about the rare element that pickle me.

Skeletal Sands : The track might need an additionnal cut, I often see poeple frontrunner this map. Encore music is to calm for a race.

Thunder Circuit : Maybe 6 turn instead of 7? Forced water jump is fine by me , but some poeple don't like that gameplay.

Killer Skies : Cool track, nothing to said about the layout, despite the fact that there is almost no wall. I just find the music weird.

Diamond Dust : Cool track, nothing to said about the layout.

VB : Even with the alternate color , I don't like that much this course. It also very easy to fall with a lot of player, I esspecial don't like the very last turn where you can just bonk to wall if you are to near to the border.

(Yes , we do battle)
Hyrule map : The less good of the 3 battle map. Mainly because it is not very clear that there is a river at the center. A ton of new poeple alway fall in the pit like that. plouf.

Pool Party : Very cool small battle map. There is enough obstacle to avoid full chaos (if we are less than 8 player at least). Very cozy.

Wind fish : Nothing to said about this one. It's fine.
Upvote 0
Solid layouts all round, I like that these maps are not only visually distinctive, but use different turns and track geometry to keep them separate from one another. VB Raceway is particularly unique, i'm not sure i've seen another map that uses sloped corners in that way.
I'm not sure if Killer Skies and VB Raceway use any custom textures, but they do a good job of separating themselves from other maps - it would be nice to see the same for the rest of your pack.
Upvote 0
These are really some underrated maps. My favourite has to be Diamond dust. Thunder Circuit is probably my least fav as its really basic but I absolutely do not dislike it.

Overall, Very fun and some nice layouts too!
Upvote 0