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[Open Assets] Master Emerald v1.1

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The Master Emerald is a custom item that grants players the Super state from HugeQuest, but without needing HugeQuest itself. This item also comes packaged w/ a custom fork of xItem that uses a different formula for calculating RNG.

This fork has a few additional commands alongside the ones already available in xItem's latest release:

xitemdistcalcconga (default On): Uses modified distance calculations for item RNG. Slightly more accurate than Vanilla RNG, and item odds aren't scaled as hard in larger rooms.

xitemserverlogrolls (default Off): Logs item rolls to server log (Hostmod required).

xitemdebugdistributionsreplay (default Off): Allows you to view the debug distribution overlay in netplays.

Special Thanks:
Mitsuo - Emerald sprites
homework & indev - visual timer
Chao Gaming Bros, Tinge of Chaos, Karts R Us, Mocha's Coffee Shop, Rumpus Room - extensive playtesting and feedback
Ashnal - Core code for Conga Line distcalc
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  1. Hitfeed Support!

    Forgot to throw in the graphics for Hitfeed messages, whoops

Latest reviews

I wanted this so much! It has balanced chances and performance.
(I would like to see support for Mini Ranking Plus if possible)
I have a private edit of MRP where the rank face changes depending on whether you have a custom rank graphic set for your character!
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I can't wait to try the mod! I have always wanted more custom items,

PD: what is the addon that you have that changes your HUD? I need that HUD
This is the ManiaHUD addon - reach out to DarkyBenji here on the message boards, as I don't think he ever published it.
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Welcome to releases! This is a great custom item that, from what I've seen in servers that have it in use, allows for a lot of catch-up potential for people stuck in the back. The super form also just makes you feel really cool with the effects and music kicking in. Nice work!
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