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Two new bikers enter the fray, each with their own unique mechanics and powered by BikeMod!

"If you wanna whine and cry like a spoiled brat, I'll gladly bend you over and spank you like one."

Taiga Saejima (6, 8)

Taiga "18-Counts" Saejima, legendary captain of the Tojo Clan, joins Kiryu and his sworn brother Majima on the track! Has average top speed but above-average weight, making him a bruiser. His Power Drift mechanic is something to watch out for - charging up a Lv2 driftboost will give him his blue Heat aura, allowing him to tackle his opponents, and a Lv3 driftboost will allow him to steal bumpers in Battle mode using his Extreme Heat aura! Character sprited by SilverVortex.

"Time for some fireworks! *maniacal laughter*"

Professor Pixel (7, 9)

My OC, Professor Pixel, is ready and raring to cause trouble! At (7, 9), they have good top speed and weight, and their Power Drift allows them to briefly lower opponents' top speed on contact during a Lv2+ driftboost, and their Lv3 driftboost also allows them to steal bumpers in Battle! Character sprited by HakuryuVision.

What is Power Drift?
Power Drift is a mechanic unique to Saejima and Professor Pixel where their Lv2+ driftboosts not only give them unique properties, but they also earn a stronger boost at the cost of a far lower duration than normal. Normal driftboosts last for 20(Lv1), 50(Lv2), and 125(Lv3) tics, while Power Drift boosts only last for 20, 40, and 80 tics respectively - this gives them shorter bursts of speed with impactful tackles, rewarding aggressive play. Power (Saejima) and Shock (Pixel) Styles are enabled by default and can be turned off server-side with the respective commands powerstyle_enabled and shockstyle_enabled.
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