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A chaotic collection of items designed to spice up the item pool!


Egg Blaster
Fires an energy ball, sustained fire will affect accuracy!
Number of uses: Depends on position, max 3.
Usage: Full Auto, Forward/Backward


Will play an iconic voiceline on pickup. Sustained fire will affect accuracy!
Number of uses: 15
Usage: Full Auto, Forward only


Crossing over from Metal Slug, this item fires 12 shots in a 30-degree cone and has similar properties to SRB2's Scatter Ring - the closer you are when hitting your target, the greater the knockback!
Number of uses: 2
Usage: Semi-Auto, Forward/Backward


Rocket Launcher
Heavy Gunner's weapon of choice blasts it way into SRB2 Kart! Unlike Jawz, these will not lock on to targets, so aim carefully!
Number of uses: 2
Usage: Semi-Auto, Forward/Backward


Chameleon Blaster
Hailing from Snap the Sentinel, the Chameleon Blaster gives you a 25% speed boost (unless you're in the lead) while active, and you can fire up to 7 shots in rapid succession, with the final shot being larger than usual. However, attempts to fire past the 7th shot will results in misfires!
Usage Time: 10 seconds, timer will drain faster during the Power Shot
Usage: Full Auto, Forward only


Ring Cannon
Fires a powerful projectile made of condensed Ring energy and can bounce off walls. Kills target on contact, with a global voice announcement.
Number of uses: 1
Usage: Semi-Auto, Forward/Backward


Takkon (by Dinomial)
From Sonic Advance 2, this item sprays opposing players in front of you with random splotches of ink which remain for 20 seconds. Affected players also have their friction reduced, resulting in reduced control. Hyuudoro, Grow, and Invincibility are unaffected, and ink can be removed through the sneaker state, entering underwater sectors from above ground, and dying.
Number of uses: 1
Usage: Consumable, grants Sneaker on use


Afterburner Jawz (by Dinomial)
What if we combined the abilities of Jawz and Rocket Sneakers? While normally behaving like Rocket Sneakers, Afterburner Jawz will lock-on to nearby players and accelerate to insane speeds in an attempt to ram them. Upon a successful tackle, they will disperse.
Usage Time: 40 seconds, drains 2 seconds per use


Doomsday Button
Wreak havoc on the track with the Doomsday Button, triggering the Race Countdown timer (the timer that normally appears when the top half of a group finishes the race) and a random Emergency Code:
Explosion: Rockets will drop from the sky - avoid them and finish the race!
Disaster: Beams of light will rain upon players!
Avoid: Complete the race while avoiding hazards - Spinning out or falling off the map will result in an immediate death, after which you will forcefully retire from the race.

And then there's the final Emergency Code, where triggering it removes the Doomsday Button from the item pool for the rest of the race...

Upon using the Doomsday button, you will receive a Sneaker, 2x Sneakers, or Rocket Sneakers depending on your position and the number of active players in the race. If an Emergency Code is already active, a Change Over Code will occur. Instructions for all the Emergency Codes will appear as tooltip text near the bottom of your screen.

Number of uses: 1
Usage: Consumable, grants Sneaker/2x Sneakers/Rocket Sneakers on use
2nd place: 1 sneaker
3rd place and lower, up to 9th: 2 Sneakers
10th place and lower: Rocket Sneakers

RetroStation - Lead developer for the mod
Dinomial - Co-developer for the mod and lead developer for Takkon/Afterburner Jawz items, and Doomsday's HUD code
Achii - Item icons for Egg/Chameleon Blaster, Minigun, Ring Cannon, Takkon, Afterburner Jawz, and Doomsday
Mr. Logan - Item icons/assets for Rocket Launcher, along with assets used in Doomsday's special HUD
SeventhSentinel- Sounds used for Chameleon Blaster
TehRealSalt - Lead Programmer of Snap the Sentinel, where the Chameleon Blaster comes from
VelocitOni - Visual assets for Chameleon Blaster projectiles
JugadorXEI - Helped with functions related to spawning Doomsday obstacles
minenice - xItem library; this item pack would literally not exist without it
Amperbee - Inspired the Doomsday warning animations through Elimination
Snu - Inspired most of the items through Battle Plus' Ringslinger mode
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