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Master Emerald - Ooh, shiny!


The Master Emerald is a custom item that grants players the Super state from HugeQuest, but without needing HugeQuest itself. This item also comes packaged w/ a custom fork of xItem that uses a different formula for calculating RNG.

This fork has a few additional commands alongside the ones already available in xItem's latest release...

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I'm VERY excited to use this since I loved the Super Form aspect of HugeQuest but I wasn't too big on HugeQuest's changes. However, I noticed it's broken and constantly spews out errors. I also know this mod isn't technically supported by the community, but due to my circumstances I'm forced to use it, but this also breaks PlayerBots - their AI just breaks and they come to a dead stop, so I can't actually test this mod out to give any feedback

Edit: In Battle Mode, the bots are active, but upon getting the Master Emerald, they don't know what to do, and just hold onto the item
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How do different versions of xitem interact? Can different versions conflict when loaded or are the functions additive?

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