• Marble zone
    - caterkiller segments no longer become bushes
    - springs on the last jump extended to edges
    - first cut removed
    - death pits added to outside edge of the underground section

  • Virtual stadium
    - patch of blue plating to the left before the tunnel is no longer a death pit
  • Cool!
Reactions: Jay Deezy

  • Marble Zone released

  • General bug fixes across every course
  • Exploits and skips fixed in :
-Mute City​
-Big Blue​
  • Virtual stadium overhauled
  • Virtual stadium door cut removed

  • Bellbridge optimized
  • Bellbridge cut length extended, initial hitbox extended

  • Green Tropics overhauled, new badniks added
  • Green Tropics optimized

  • Mushroom hill final mushroom lowered
  • Mushroom hill checkpoints fixed