Absurdly gorgeous courses, there is very little that looks as good as these courses look. They are also a joy to play, with some tricky sections and interesting course hazards that just feel so good thematically. I love the Hotaru on Stardust Speedway and the Cluckoids on Mushroom Hill. The only issues I've experienced are a few places where... on Mute City during some of the bigger turns, if you're far back enough then the course itself blocks your view. On Stardust Speedway, sometimes the entire course flickers, but it's never game-breaking enough to affect play. Overall though, these are "must have" courses.
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Only great maps and can give you a lot of fun. The only thing I don't like is that when I die it lags for like 2 seconds, especially in Stardust and Bellbridge, but other than that it's a nice pack
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Don't have much useful to say for this one :P Visually they're fantastic, and all feel pretty different when racing on them.
While Green Tropics is probably the most laid back, I find it engaging enough to still feel fun. Less demanding maps are needed to balance things out.
Bellbridge might be my favourite, mainly because i'm a sucker for curved, slopey tracks.
My only real gripe would be the performance issues some maps have - especially on software.
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5/5, I absolutely loved this. If the fact that there's a Virtual-On and TWO F-Zero tracks in here wasn't enough, all the other tracks are real fun to play as well. Really looking forward for more maps from you :D
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These all look Great, textures wise and play well too.

Mushroom and Mute are my favourites as they feel the best interms of visual and layout design. Some maps like Virtual Staduim and Green Tropics favor more visuals over layout making those levels feel bland to play on.

I've seen your upcoming maps and they do look like they address my issue i had with Green and Staduim so i look forward to the future of this pack 👀
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"Ooh I have to wait until I have 10 tracks before I can release ooh I'm Marsh"
- Marsh, 1 entire year before releasing Marshpack

Really, though, it *was* worth the wait. There are so many memorable and absolutely exquisite looking maps here, and a lot of bait for sonic fans, if you're one of those weirdos who likes sonic.

I do feel like a lot of these maps fall flat quite literally, though— not because they don't use a shit ton of slopes and height changes, they all do that very well and in interesting ways, but because they have a big over-reliance on huge fucking textures. The maps kind of play like theme park darkroom rides, where everything looks real at first glance but is really just a flat cardboard cutout. It distracts from the otherwise very pretty maps for me, sometimes. If you're playing on OpenGL, the huge textures will cause hitching, due to a bug in the game's renderer that reloads all textures when you die.

Otherwise, though, you have a lot of very solid, pretty, well laid-out maps here. An easy 5 for me— my biggest complaint is kind of a nitpick.
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