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Using the power of pre-rendered graphics, I bring to you, several characters from the Mario Kart series on different karts from all over the series! (By that I mean from DS to 7) Each character comes equipped with custom music and most have custom code, for a more authentic experience.

First up, we have Mario on the B-Dasher from Mario Kart DS! With a speed of 6 and weight of 7, you'll be pushing away your opponents and rushing past them, while still having some acceleration and handling.
Screenshot 2023-09-22 135352.png

Mario also comes equipped with a custom animation while using invincibility, which while small, is important, as it was exclusive to MKDS.
Next up, we have Luigi on the Mach Bike from Mario Kart Wii! A speed of 7 and weight of 5 means you will be blazing past your opponents while still having room for acceleration.
luigi stats.png

Luigi also comes equipped with inside drift, Bikemod, wheelies (custom 1), and trick frames for Acrobatics.

Thank you to,

Speccy, for some general tips for making the sprites, as well as WheelieMod,

minenice, for the bike template and inside drift used here,

RetroStation, who made BikeMod, which was used to balance Luigi some,

SMS Alfredo, who created the MK64 Cast mod, which contains the custom music code I used in this mod,

Angular, who created Acrobatics, which I used the trick frames for,

Togen, who created Simple AnimaL and helped me get it working, which I used for Mario's star animation,

And Finally, the wonderful people of the Kart Krew Discord server, who helped me when I had problems with the mod and showed me that this isn't just for me.
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  1. Complete Rebrand! And DS Mario!

    Changes this from just one character, to a character pack with the addition of MKDS Mario.
  2. BikeMod

    Added BikeMod by RetroStation, to balance out the existing inside drift.

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YES!!! The one game I grew up with has now been introduced to SRB2 Kart! And the best part: It uses the best combination from the original game! Thank you so much for making this!
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