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Haha busy day fellas!
Changed the springs (from the cut in the start of the map), to red ones
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Ops! my bad i forgot to give one of the shortcuts the correct sector effects and remove oter ones, also completely closed the old waterfall cut and added more death sectors there, sorry for the inconvenience
hey folks, as the tittle says some updates to angel island as it needed, new spring shorcut at the start, the cave cut is removed and the last item set now come earlier down the road
Hello fellas, this time is another Palmtree Panic hotfix , fixed waypoint issue and made finish line bigger so people wont across without counting a extra lap.

But now cames the other part, as Endless Mine is quite old now, i did some minor changes to it as well, mostly adding shortcuts to it, hope you guys enjoy
As of some major issues got reported , quickly fixed these and now things might go better and more stable
Hey folks" It's been a while, not much as the past updates.

As Emerald Hilld needed some small fixes, added some trees and bushes to it and fixed the evil springs

And the new funny thing : Palmtree Panic (Past)
been rosting in my hard rive for months til i decided i wad time to release and so i did!

Hope you guys like it
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Opsie, again, left the wrong lap ammount it was 5 instead of 3 xD
Opsie my bad, i forgot that now this pack contains LUA code to it, i forgot to add the L prefix to the file name, besides this is the same thing!
Hello there!
It's been a while since last update. Now to give a a nice rework on the first map of the pack, Emerald Hill!

Now a 3 lapper course full of alternative paths, jumps and springs to maximize fun

One more map coming soon too! i hope so


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