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Hello folks, thanks for your patience!
Now cleaned from all the scripts and custom objects and one brand new map, Sky Based

Now al of the maps uses community springs, my pack does not have any lua besides gliders so all issues related to my pack might stop.
After receiving some bad news about my map pack, i tackled the issue and the origin were the many mapping tools i did. Did my best to fix but i wasnt able to fix any at all and to avoid a long wait either more people using them thus increasing the size of the issue i wont update anymore and wont be available to download on the mb anymore, as it can be seen here.

Soon i will update my pack, removing these tools and rework the layout a bit, some pieces will be reverted, other may be reworked as i mostly used these for shortcuts.
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hello folks, many hotfixes to the new released map
Added new cuts and tweaked one, fixed few exploit and major skips
Hello guys, new map dropped, Rainny Savannah, inspired from the race track of Sonic Drift 2, race through the canyon during the violent storm.
Helo folks, came with some changes related to springs due to Lighto Mapping Tools updates!
Emerald Hill music corrected with a nice loop, courtesy of Goldencreme, thank you!

Added in the new experimental lua of my pack of mapping tools, so slopes might have more force when going down and players will be able to use the airspeed easing by releasing acceleration button mid air!
This is experimental but nothing should break at the point of being unplayable or sigsev the game, if something goes wrong tell me right away, feedback is appreciated
After a long while finally got to work on the pack again now being able to use the springs to make these maps better, all maps received some changed, the most notable being Emerald Hill, Endless Mine and Angel Island, springs added or tweaked, some shortcuts adjusted or new ones added and few minor issues and QoL changes, hope you enjoy
Haha busy day fellas!
Changed the springs (from the cut in the start of the map), to red ones
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Ops! my bad i forgot to give one of the shortcuts the correct sector effects and remove oter ones, also completely closed the old waterfall cut and added more death sectors there, sorry for the inconvenience
hey folks, as the tittle says some updates to angel island as it needed, new spring shorcut at the start, the cave cut is removed and the last item set now come earlier down the road