Hello All!

This is a minor update to the individual characters .zip file.
I changed the names of individual character files to represent the current version of said character.

I also included a file containing older versions of characters, should you ever want to host those versions.

Have a good day, and stay tuned! My next addition to KelChars is coming out real soon! :D
[v2.4 Update Notes]

Sorry for the quick update right after the first, but Queen's voice clips were not named properly, and didn't realize until now. These issues have been alleviated. I am greatly sorry for the inconvenience.
Hello Everyone! No new characters available yet, just wanted to make some touch-ups to the existing cast.

[V2.3 Update Notes]
  • Queen and Raven have had their sprites updated
  • Additionally, Queen has had some of her voice clips changed
I've got some new characters in the works though, so stay tuned! Here's hoping these steely soldiers will capture your hearts when they're released!​
  • Cool!
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[V2.2 Update Notes]

So there was an issue with queen's sprites, and I didn't find out about them until after making the update. These issues has been resolved in this hotfix, my sincerest apologies.
[V2 Update Notes]

  • Queen (Deltarune) has been added
Comin' at ya with a major update! Introducing... KelChars!!

Bullet Bill and Raven have been added, making this a full on character pack! I've also included a .zip file containing individuals of each character.

I hope you enjoy playing as these new racers!