Giving this a re-review, I can see he certainly got a lot of updates since I last tried him! Though, this comes with the issue that is the "maximalist" problem. A bit similar to my old mod Greeneyes, Kamek seems imed to get as much use out of controller functions as possible, not only using custom buttons, but even both fire buttons AND weapon select tog et the full range of his spells. While this character is clearly meant to have a wide range of effects, it does make it a bit cumbersome to get the full use out of Kamek on a gamepad.

Kamek's default running speed feels rather slugging, which I guess is the point. His broom does a lot of the work for him. But that's also another issue; I find myself using the broom a lot, both because its so much faster, but also because it's so powerful for moving around in a platformer. He ascends super fast, and the flight time is so long, I'm never really going to run out of it before crossing whatever long jumps I would need to make. Because Kamek can't use most of his abilities while flying, a lot of them go unused most of the time. I feel like the broom soles most of my problems.

It's also a bit annoying that Kamek has multiple projectiles, but none of them have any autotargeting like Fang's popgun, or slight homing, or any form of aim assistance whatsoever, making them difficult to use without going first person. You need to have your finger on the reset cam button or prevent vertical look, or you may shoot the ground a lot. Combat on midair foes feels nigh impossible without first person mode.

Kamek feels highly experimental, a guinea pig in seeing what you can do with Lua coding on a character. It's impressive on the surface, and I encourage users to try just about anything, but it means a lot of his functions get cast aside. I didn't even know about weather changing until I reread the topic after my playthrough. Sill, I do give you props for just how much IS here, from the projectile types to the grow/shrink spells, to conjuring a rolling rock whenever you want, and resizing that too!

But he's not somebody I'd really dig out again. In a game with minimal combat and a lot of jumping, the broom is the ultimate solution for most of the game's challenges, turning Kamek into a hyper cranked Tails. His other abilities are fun toys, but I'm done playing with them.
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A great mod with great abilities that fit Mario's style perfectly.
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He has clearly come a long way since the first version, now he has extra little flairs here and there that make him that much better, the a lot of qol additions, but most importantly, HE'S FUN TO PLAY! he feels fast and fun, and flows very nicely, the spells he can cast can help not just him but allies in coop, and being able to change your size and things like the spell and weather on the fly is so nice and leads to interesting gameplay. but you know me, i will never compliment a mod without also pointing a few flaws.

the teleport is cool and i hope it gets fixed, you said it was buggy and it is so that's a whatever.

i WILL say however that the weather change controls feel very... clunky, very annoying to use, perhaps instead of using 5 different button combos, just add another spell to the thins you can scroll? make it so instead of having to hold spin and maybe next/prev weapon (the latter of which is annoying to hold for someone using mouse and keyboard, having weapon scroll be on the wheel) perhaps just change his spin ability on the ground if he has the "weather" spell selected, then use the custom buttons while holding it to change the weather, and the fire buttons to scroll the skybox?

however, that is my only real gripe, if nothing else he feels much more polished and much more viable to beat the game with now. great job getting this far and i compliment you on your work.
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a little bit wonky, but honestly better then other mods i've played
doesn't do well in the graphics department due to mainly having ripped sprites, but the gameplay is decent
the flight is pretty good, at least it's fast unlike tails
he has various magic spells which are neat to mess around with but really only 2 really matter in the end (3 in rvz for skip purposes)
fang's shot for bosses, and the fireballs just for sniping enemies
hey, at least it's not as bad as some other mods i've seen
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More Mario based mods more for me.
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I love how it looks and the little special effects, but the flight is painfully slow and impossible to gain speed with, going up is nearly impossible and the flight is too limited for both the speed you get and the fact that you are on a magic broom. To make it worse his speed on the ground is pitiful at best, makin him generally unfun to play. this looks good aesthetically, but there id so much missed potential.
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I made a post in the discussion thread; what's there is good, but it has the potential to be better.
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