Jet Metal Sonic

Jet Metal Sonic Revised version 1.0.3

Fixed charging using wrong sprites (don't ask me how I got those sprites mixed up and never noticed during all my testing. I have no answer).
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Fixed a bug where the charge stomp would not cancel when entering THZ goo.
Of course, as soon as I post the update and finish updating the overview, I find a tiny bug to fix. Fixed the behaviour of the super transformation effect.
And here it is, probably the biggest update to JMS yet. Let's go over all the changes shall we?

Charge Abilities rework:
  • Rather than a number of uses, Charge Abilities has an energy meter now
    • Using abilities uses this energy and abilities can be used a long as energy is available
    • While charging, a portion of the available energy will be highlighted showing how much energy will be used
    • Regardless of the amount of available energy, charging state can be held for 2 seconds
    • Energy recovers quickly while on the ground and can also be recovered by hitting enemies
    • Should all energy be used, JMS will become exhausted
      • While exhausted, JMS passively recovers energy regardless of whether he's in the air or on the ground
      • While exhausted, JMS cannot charge
  • There is no longer a limit on Charge Jumps
  • Charge Thok speed cap has been removed
  • Charge Thoks and Stomps will bounce regardless of how much they were charged. The strength of the bounce will be affected by charge build-up
    • Breaking walls and floors still requires fully charged Thoks and Stomps
  • A line on the energy meter displays the full charge point
  • While Super, JMS has a constant energy recovery effect added on top of normal energy recovery
  • While Super, JMS no longer destroys enemies in a radius around him when using Charge Abilities.
Dash Mode tweaks:
  • Dash Mode speedcap has been increased from 133% to 150%
  • Pressing SPIN while in Dash Mode and grounded will cause JMS to enter a fully charged spindash state
    • This way Dash Mode can be held while standing still
    • This allows for taking tight turns while staying grounded.
Misc. tweaks:
  • JMS enters rolling state now after a wall bounce or successful homing thok
  • Removed superfluous features from the JetMetal menu
  • Removed some charging VFX
  • Changed how a number of the visual effects work code-wise
  • Switched to a custom jetfume effect rather than the vanilla MT_METALJETFUME follow item
  • Combo counter and energy meter's positions now adjust for Record Attack.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the boosters would not disappear when switching from JMS to another skin in multiplayer. This same fix also fixes character switching with BuddyEX
  • Fixed some of the booster sprites being off, particularly positions 2 and 8
  • Other stuff probably at some point during revision.
For images, check out the updated Overview!
I fully expect to have overlooked some bug or issue, maybe even some issues that I had previously fixed have come up again due to the revision. If any bugs or issues are found, please let me know!
It has been a while but that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening. In fact, a full lua script revision for JMS is in the works.

My goal is to make the overall code cleaner and nicer to look at, as well as change how a number of things work in the background.
On top of that I am reworking the Charge Abilities (particularly how charging, built-up charge, and ability uses work) as well as making a couple of changes to Dash Mode.



All of this is still very much work-in-progress but my goal is to finish and publish the update before the Frontiers release date.
So, major bugfix for a bug that has been around since I added the option to swap the jump and stomp inputs.
  • I fixed Charge Jump behaving weird when trying to perform a second jump on the non-swapped control scheme (let go without holding a direction to jump).
  • On top of that I also fixed a related bug where the wrong launch effect would happen when performing either the Charge Jump or Stomp with releasing the jump input.
To make up for missing this bug for so long I made some tweaks as well:
  • Super transformation effects are a bit nicer looking. Make sure to check it out!
  • I also slightly toned down the passive electric sparks JMS has by making them a bit more transparent.
  • I nerfed SJMS a tiny bit by making the nuke enemies effect only happen when using a fully charged move.
  • Added a tiny amount of screen shake to Dash Mode activation.
  • Finally, I changed some things to make charge ability behaviour consistent between input methods, especially where attempting a charge jump while said move is unavailable is concerned.
    • The way this was changed is that attempting a second charge jump while it is unavailable causes JMS to cancel out of charging and falling but retaining whatever charges he had.
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  • Going Super has been moved to the Custom1 button.
    • This button can also be set to be Custom2, Custom3 or TossFlag through the jetmetalmenu's new option.
  • Improved custom death animation.
  • Replaced sparkling charging effect with a new effect inspired by the Metal Sonic boss fight.
    • This effect is also applied to Dash Mode nearly activating.
  • Slightly customized Super transformation effects.
  • Moved freeslots, states, objects and skincolors to SOC.
  • Moved a bunch of custom object logic from ThinkFrames to their own thinkers and other lua restructuring.
  • Fixed a bug where pain behaviour wasn't working properly while charging.
  • Fixed a bug where the Charge Thok would break spikes JMS wasn't touching.
  • Fixed a bug with the placement of the pulsing after-images indicating Dash Mode in reverse gravity.
And I think that's the whole update? I might be forgetting some stuff.
I wanted to get this out sooner but then I had the idea to move freeslots and stuff to SOC and then I felt like restructuring a whole bunch of stuff in lua and that lead to having to test if it all still behaved the same.

Anyway, excuses aside, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for over 2K downloads. Honestly I did not expect this addon to get the attention it has but I greatly appreciate it!
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JMS Version 1.3 is here, and it is a pretty sizeable update!

New features:
  • Customized Dash Mode:

    Like vanilla, Dash Mode is built up by moving at high enough speed or charging a spindash.
    If fully built up via spindash, releasing the spindash immediately uncurls JMS.
    While Dash Mode is active, normalspeed gradually increases up to a cap.
    Normalspeed caps out at +33%, not very high but a noticeable increase.
    Normalspeed cap increase also affects the Charge Thok speed cap.
    While Dash Mode is active, increase jumpfactor by 10%.
    While Dash Mode is active, enable water running.
    While Dash Mode is active, increase Charge Ability charging speed by 25%.
    This charge speed increase stacks with super sneakers and Super form.
  • Modified death animation, check it out:

    The trajectory of the boosters is slightly randomized.
  • Slightly increased base normalspeed.
  • Fused together all lua scripts except for the menu script, leaving only 2 scripts in total.
  • Swapped the default inputs for the Charge Jump and Charge Stomp. If you played a previous version your settings will still be the same so do not worry about it.
  • Fixed a colour issue on one of the dash sprites.

I hope these new additions will improve people's experiences and please let me know your thoughts!
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Very small update:
I fixed the squash and stretch not resetting when getting hurt and I tweaked the saloon door breaking code to have JMS bounce off of the door as it breaks, similar to how he bounces off of bustable walls and floors.
I managed to finish just another thing for today so here's another update. Don't expect them to always happen this quickly!

New feature: JMS can now use the Charge Thok (when fully charged) to break saloon doors in ACZ2.

Bug fix: going into a carried state while charging will now cancel the charge.

Also, I forgot to mention two things regarding the previous update (I will edit the previous entry to reflect these as well):
  • Charge Jump now deals damage on the way up.
  • Super sneakers will cause JMS to charge 50% faster. This effect does not stack with being Super.