Jay T the Stickfigure

[Open Assets] Jay T the Stickfigure 2.0a

I like this addon/character, it's only the size the prob I'll say. I also used to draw stickmans.
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Im gonna have more mercy than others
For a person who didnt make mods before this is a decent skin but like people said he is too big
a single sprite is AROUND 64x40 and that's for average/sorta tall characters
I suggest you to redo the sprites in a smaller size or to scale them down a temporarily until you get done with new smaller sprites
overall tho he plays like any other character so he's fine
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This character does not meet the minimums required to beat SRB2.
Deep Sea Zone 2 is a major stopping point, because it either requires a spindash, or the ability to break breakable floors.
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overview is outdated. u can update it
sprites aren't exactly.. good, basically being comprised of the circle tool and ZERO shading, also animation is jank
the knife throw is just, fang.
the "multithok" is probably the most unique thing about this mod, and for some reason sends you down on the first click, does nothing on the second click, and sends you up on the third click..? this also means you can basically just, fly infinitely. (because it's a MULTIthok.)
tl;dr the sprites are bad and the abilities are unoriginal.
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the sprites need improvement. not saying anything about the moveset as i was guilty of this when my first mod came out.

but improve the sprites at least a little bit man.
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No offence, but this really isn't good. Not only are the sprites massive for seemingly no reason, but it has the generic abilities you would come to expect from a mod like this. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that this is probably your first mod, so I can't bash it too much.
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The typical first SRB2 mod. Safe to say, this isn't very good. Firstly, no original abilities. They're just Sonic's abilities. Secondly, the huge af sprites. Why did you think this was okay for a release? You could've scaled down the sprites at least.
I've updated the abilites. but not my skin, But I added the Ability to Throw Knifes, (SPONSERED BY MURDERER MYSTERY 2)
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