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jaybitts10 submitted a new resource:

Jay T the Stickfigure - Character: Jay T. the Orange Stick Figure

hey everyone!
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Its Time for the Jay T Mod to come!

Ability: Thok
Thok Multiple times!

Ability: Spindash
During the Spindash, Rings can be Able to be Added!

Question: Why is There Music Replacement on this tag?
Answer: This is only for Jay T to Have Music Getted Replaced
Heres music replaced from Jay T.
1. Sonic 3 Super form Music
2. Sonic 3 Prototype Super Music (Unused)
3. Sonic Origins Sonic 3 Super Music
Question: Why is There Sonic Origins Sonic 3...

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One more thing: You might say: the skin is too big! please dont reject it, It will be fixed in the future update.
NOTE: the Super Sprites is Not Here yet, but In the Future Update, it will be Added :D
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NOTE: The Flag: NOJUMPDAMAGE Is Still Active, I'll fix that in the Future Update.
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To fix the sprites, Have you tried using the SF_HIRES flag in the S_SKIN?
jaybitts10 updated Jay T the Stickfigure with a new update entry:

New Abilites

Jay T can No longer Thok or Spindash,

Here what Jay T can do Now!

He can Now Switch Falling Gravities Multiple Times!

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He can even Throw Knifes Too! (SPONSERED BY MURDERER MYSTERY 2)

View attachment 85437

We Have the New Song Replacements too!

1. Sonic 3 Boss Battle Music!
2. Sonic 3 Extra Live Sound/Music
3. Sonic 3 Invincibility Music!

Thats it for Todays update, Let me know if There's Any Bug That you've Found and I'll Fix it!

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If you intent of giving him multi fall switch you should nerf his other stats as its really raw strenght wise (i had to nerf my wip a lot)
jaybitts10 updated Jay T the Stickfigure with a new update entry:

New Music, Music fixed & Super Colors

Heres a Music Music:

1 for Non-RingSlinger: Doomsday
1 for RingSlinger: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Super/Hyper Music

Fixed Sonic 3 Origins S3&K Super Music

Now for the New Super Colors:

Super Yellow

NOTE: The Super Yellow is the Same thing as Super gold... but Thats almost.

Thats it for the Update. And the ULTIMATE UPDATE is COMING SOON!
Stay Tuned for the Update! and I will see you Later!

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jaybitts10 updated Jay T the Stickfigure with a new update entry:


Update Boards:
Sol form Added (Credit to: Kirb for the Sol form.)
Super Sprites added
Dancing Meme Added (to do a dancing meme press Toss flag button)

NOTICE: The Hyper form and Cross Momentum isn't Added today due to Valid reasons.
Here's why:

When I Tried to Add the Cross Momentum and the Hyper Abilities, It was a Failure.

And the Sprites for Jay T is At Normal Size now,

Thats it for the update, See you in the Next update!

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