Jay T the Stickfigure

[Open Assets] Jay T the Stickfigure 1.2

Heres a Music Music:

1 for Non-RingSlinger: Doomsday
1 for RingSlinger: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Super/Hyper Music

Fixed Sonic 3 Origins S3&K Super Music

Now for the New Super Colors:

Super Yellow

NOTE: The Super Yellow is the Same thing as Super gold... but Thats almost.

Thats it for the Update. And the ULTIMATE UPDATE is COMING SOON!
Stay Tuned for the Update! and I will see you Later!
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found out that my SOC_PLAY has been missing, so I had to fix it.
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Jay T can No longer Thok or Spindash,

Here what Jay T can do Now!

He can Now Switch Falling Gravities Multiple Times!


He can even Throw Knifes Too! (SPONSERED BY MURDERER MYSTERY 2)


We Have the New Song Replacements too!

1. Sonic 3 Boss Battle Music!
2. Sonic 3 Extra Live Sound/Music
3. Sonic 3 Invincibility Music!

Thats it for Todays update, Let me know if There's Any Bug That you've Found and I'll Fix it!
Removed flag: NOJUMPSPIN
I Added a flag: SF_HIRES for the Next update,
Thanks to Micro for letting me know the flag SF_HIRES