Hyudoro V1.2

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Hyudoro has less weaknesses then the others, but it comes at price...

Jump Ability - Hover

Stops Hyudoro from falling as long as Jump is held.

Spin Ability 1 - Ghost Portal
Press Spin when standing still to place a shadow, press Spin and Jump in the air to warp to it. The shadow placement is controlled by the camera.

Spin Ability 2 - Crouch

Hold Spin while moving to crouch then....
after holding Spin for some time press Jump to High Jump!

or you can press Jump early to Lunge. You can ram into enemies when running at high speeds!

When pressing Spin with certain objects Hyudoro may perform a roll instead!

crouch and spawn portal commands can be swapped using console command: hyudoro_cmd_swap
needs to be set on or off, default is off

As mentioned in a thread post Hyudoro will die if left in bright light for too long ether damage an enemy or grab a force shield to stay in the light.

If a player jumps on Hyudoro's head while crouching they will be sprung up.


Battle Mod Support

Ability : Shadow Claw (when in air or moving)


Cost : 10 rings
Cooldown : 1/3 seconds

A melee attack that has projectile protection from the front, the only defense against projectiles, is parryable
hold forward to have Hyudoro thrust forward

Ability: Perish Song (on ground with at least a shield or a ring)


Cost: 10 rings
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Hyudoro sings a cursed song bringing all who hear it a countdown to death, if not interrupted

Ability: Destiny Bond (on ground with no ring and no shield)


Cost: ??
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Hyudoro leaves its self open to attack should an enemy take them down will take them down with it

Hope you enjoy
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Good job! Also I have an idea! You should add The ability where you can evolve in Sandopolis Zone Act 2 and devolve via light.
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he just got perish song from pokemon 💀
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Good character and it's easy to fix some bugs or subdue the keys.
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Really interesting concept, having a character that needs to keep killing enemies to survive, but I really think you should've tried to explain his central gimmick either in his CSS or on the mb post, it's.. kinda not mentioned anywhere.
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