Hyper Forms

[Open Assets] Hyper Forms v2.1.4.1/v1.0.4.1 - S3 Sonic Patch 2

v2.1 Changelog

- Knuckles had to be removed (since he didn't had the same as hyper sonic in sonic 3 & knuckles, thanks to the wiki again for once.)

- Added a command that is the hypercancel (from Transformation Cancel)

- It is not a color anymore

- There is now a alt version of this code, it's from the previous versions but a bit of things added for it to be alt.

That's really it to be honest, I'll change a bit of stuff to make it feel like it.

Though, this is how far I got from v2.1. As of now, this is what your getting for this update.

Anyway, am gonna go to my void door again. And have a nice sleep on it, and not updated again.

B y e .​
I Just wanna say that I currently made a video about this addon, because It's my addon and I wanna support it.

The version I used was v1.3.2, since obvoiusly. It was outdated at the time, which is what I picked.

That's just really it, I summon there will be a chance of making a another update.

Anyway, bye.
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Forgot that everyone also had sparkles
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I clearly forgot that I was fixing the script for testing

Now it should behave like sonic as well, which I mean knuckles.
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v2.0 Changelog

- Overhaul the script for it to be perfect

- Fixed when the animation of the "Shields" don't move (Which I removed "P_SpawnShieldOrb(player)" from this issue)

- Super is now combined in Hyper, instead of just having it as a 2nd form (Which is from Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

- player.charability is removed and it's combined with the thok when your hyper now (well in players.powers[pw_super])

- You can now use the Hyper color for servers you wish

- The alt version is also a download (which is the 2nd form for use, it's also not here yet)

This was supposed to be the final updated

But it wasn't more than this atleast, Hopefully this now everything is fine.

The alt version will come later in some sort of updated

Have fun anyway!​
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Well yes of course, it was for a april fools joke. But I decide to see what peoples reactions would be like.

It's in the downloads anyway.

Also this doesn't count as a changelog, since I feel like it's just a NOT april fools thing. But it was for it, but it's for fun as well.

This was also made in "SRB2 Bot Edition" server, since it was a suprise for eggman (It was also a roleplay, kinda...).

Anyways, go nuts, tell your friends about this. Just, do anything.

Anyways, am going to just be outta here in my voidable door. Because I like it :worry:.

B y e.​
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v1.3.2 Changelog

- Fixed when you don't get the hypercolor as knuckles

Another fixed I found before it happend.

Again Lucky this won't ever happend again, as it's fixed and patched. I also forgot I lied about it, oops...

Anyway, Sls is OUT!​
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v1.3.1 Changelog

- Fixed when the player spawns without the thok

Just a little fixed for players who notice it, I didn't patch this at all when v1.3.0 came out.

Lucky this won't ever happend again, as it's fixed and patched.

Anyway, Sls is OUT!​
v1.3.0 Changelog

- Sparkles are now added (To make it a feel sonic 3 & knuckles like)

- Hyper Form can breathe in underwater and spacetime (also missed it in sonic 3 & knuckles)

- Now it has a floating ability (to replace the super floating ability at first)

- When super is off (if something happens) hyper will too now

- Hyper Flash is not broken anymore when going in the goal post, as this was found in dark's server.

- The Sprite (that use a 1up box) it be the same with hyper (this was in all previous versions)

- The "Skins" Folder has removed

- player.charability is added to the hyper flash script and detransform

Main Page Changes

- Replaced "Nuke Thok" to Hyper Flash (Because it's in the wiki I supposed)

This might be a bit of a improvement somehow, I did notice all of this by now. And I didn't even get to fixed this, and I did now.

Anyway, Sls is OUT!​
v1.0.4 Changelog

- Deleted the Script for Sonic (Expect for knuckles somehow...)

- Deleted O__HYPER.ogg (which I forgot it's somehow there.)

This script was about to be in the hole file but it was unused, since it didn't work but I did want to continue. Then didn't after words.

Then I deleted it for now, since it was just a fixed.

Even the old music file was there, so I deleted it too. As it was in 2 previous versions, but not v1.0 at all.

Anyway, Sls is OUT!​
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