I love this character, it's my absolute favourite in SRB2.
I enjoy the movement, abilities, hair colour change and I am very fond of the design of Honey The Cat.
Unfortunately it seems that the last SRB2 update bugged her kit and now you can't pounce out of a kick jump, even if you have 2 bars.
It would be really cool to see this fixed as I miss the movement option.
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using her hyper mode in record attack corrupts level mod save data.
to the extent of it crashing the game regardless of having the character added before hand.
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Phenomenal mod! I'm so happy my girl's getting the love she deserves and she's incredibly fun and slick to play as.
My only gripes are that flipping gravity around causes her sprite to glitch out and leave a copy of her hair behind (and when using Jeck Jim's 3d model, her whole head gets left behind and tbh it kinda creeps me out. Please look into this and try to find a way to fix it if possible (I think the glitch has something to do with the lua error that appears when you flip gravity.) Thanks!
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Honey is an interesting character to play as. I'll be honest, her moves are flashy, but she's quite difficult to play as... doesn't gain the height Tails or Knuckles can and cant go as fast as Sonic, meaning she's mostly like Amy... which makes sense.

+ Interesting playstyle with a lot of moves
+ Super Honey!

/ The music when activating Hyper Mode seems... goofy and anti-climatic. Unless this is a reference to Fighting Vipers, wouldn't it make more sense to play a small remix/snippet of Everything? (The song for Super Sonic in STF)
/ After collecting the 7th Chaos Emerald and reaching Egg Rock Act 1, I noticed that she would randomly leave copies of her hair and ears behind...

- Because she has a lot of moves, it easy to accidentally use the wrong one and kill yourself, or for a new player to find her frustrating more than anything.
- Activating Hyper Mode is tricky, at least for me. Usually trying to press J+S+C1 ends up either not activating Hyper Mode or gliding to my death...

I personally wouldn't recommend Honey to anyone unless they were a fan of Sonic the Fighters.
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She's my favorite Sonic character, easy 5/5 stars
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another common light dasher W, however, may I ask how you can actually change the dress color? ive tried h_dresscolor or H_dresscolor to no avail, and the character overview didnt go over the command. other than that, thank you for all your hard work!!!
light dasher
light dasher
The same way you'd change your colour on any other character c; through the player screen
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I'm split on this creation of Honey The Cat. On one hand her combos are fun. One the other hand, Hyper mode requires 3 inputs at the same time.
More often than not, you'll go flying off to your death trying to trigger it.

Hyper mode is crucial to getting around, where speed and distance are required. This makes Honey The Cat unviable in certain level packs.

3 stars. She's situational at best.
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Great job with both the character and the update, I just love how you brought this cute but kinda forgotten cat to this game.

But even if I love this, there's some little troubles with the update, like, if you use the Moon Jump you can't press jump to use your Cat Pounce and for some reason you'll always do a Cat Pounce if press jump while on mud (like the one on castle eggman), just 2 little errors I found while playing casually.

For the rest this is just great, good sprites, fun playability and the fact that you no longer use 2 wings on the Cat Pounce just makes it even more useful. I would say it's more of a 9/10 than a 4/5, so 5 stars for you, sir!

PD: Sorry for the repost, but I just found another weird glitch, randomly Honey decided to start doing a Cat Pounce + Moon Jump combo everytime I tryed doing a Moon Jump, launching me at high speed in a perfect 45° angle, I though it was something with the terrain, as I tried to Moon Jump out of a slope, but then it kept happening no matter where I was, and went on like that until this weird combo throwed me off a cliff, when I respawned it was fixed, so I went back to that slope, tried redoing it, but nothing happened, once I died it just stopped, weird stuff isn't it?
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This is impressive. Not only the colours are an eyecandy, but having a character which plays as a mix between a 3D platformer and a 3D beat-em-up is extremely cool. I wish there were more mods like this. 5/5, would combo dashes and jumps only to fly off the map again!
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The effort put into the sprites here is quite impressive, translating a lot of her signature moves and attributes to SRB2 pretty flawlessly. Her moveset, while sorta stiff, is quite unique.

I would love to see this maybe revisited with a fresh look on the moves, maybe momentum influencing the crouch and butt bash, or the pounce having more utility. Being able to pull off all the moves in the air for some mad combos.

I could very well spitball all day about how you'd rework the character, that's just how interesting this moveset is despite the flaws. Overall this is definitely worth the download, especially for BattleMod fans.
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[review deleted and reformatted — sorry for any confusion!]
After having played this character for… (checks release date) about two months now, I think I can finally leave a fair review.

Honey is absolutely one of my favorite SRB2 add-ons to date. She's not too simple, but not too complicated — using Jump, Spin, Custom 1, and nothing more — so the learning curve isn't as steep. Her mobility feels absolutely wonderful and the sprites have so much personality to them, and I can honestly say I've come to appreciate the character itself more due to this addon alone.

Particular things I like about the mod:
Using Cat Pounce in the air for that forward thrust feels so nice when correctly applied. It's almost like a more natural-feeling thok. The ability to use it twice is also very fun for traversing gaps and the like.
I also enjoy the auto-attack she has when close to other enemies. Though this isn't the first instance of this gimmick, it works well with her kit and maintaining momentum.
The Wings system overall is also great. She may only have two wings, but they're somehow just enough to both remain airborne for large amounts of time and still be back to the ground to recharge without breaking the flow.

Iffier things:
The Moon Kick is about what's you'd expect. It's definitely not a bad thing — goes well with her kit, as does everything else — but it's not something I particularly loved or hated. She wouldn't be the same character without it, though, with it being the main starter to a chain.
Hyper Mode is a fun little thing as well, but there aren't many places in simpler levels where you can find a good use for it. It can lead to crazy skips in the right places, but I also feel like the character would feel relatively the same and possibly closer to vanilla SRB2 without it. Might have preferred it to somehow be locked behind a wall of some sort (other than the 25 rings requirement), like a gauge or maybe 1-2 emeralds?
Butt Bop also feels somewhat limited in application, but I don't often engage in combat while playing levels, so I don't have much complaint there. With rows of single-hit enemies it feels super fun, but when faced with more ranged enemies like Robo-Hoods or Jetty-Syns, or dealing with multiple Sir Lance-a-bots, it feels kinda obsolete compared to other options.

Things I DIDN'T like:
None! The secondcolor support, the Candy mode, the custom idle animation that really gives off the fighting game vibe, and the super clutch Ukemi — it's all there, and it's all great. While some characters get a little tired after repeated plays or just feel a little too far from SRB2's style, this one never loses its charm and I continue to enjoy it. Great work on this and your other characters, light dasher!
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I can absolutely see the inspiration behind the meter, that being the Wirebug from Monster Hunter Rise. The regeneration on the ground, the cap of 2, even the things you do with it. (if it wasn't intentional, then it's a huge coincidence.) Given that I love that game and the wirebug mechanics, i instantly fell in love with how honey controls. You might call the recovery "Tech", but I know that it's just the Wirefall. At this point, just give her the wiredash, wall run, and temporary third use, and you got the full package.
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Honey is like R-00 in Rivals, Really fun if you know how to play as her. with an extremely high skill ceiling, unfortunately, my brain quite small, so i can't use Honey to her full potential. but she's still really fun to play. and i enjoyed testing her.
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While I am not necessarily the biggest Honey fan, I adore how her design interacts with the SRB2. The concept of the gameplay is interesting but the execution could leave a lot to be desired. For example, her kitty pounce does not do any damage which is especially frustrating since you need a somewhat complicated bind of c1 + spin + jump to perform this move. Her moves in battle are short ranged, awkward to use, where it's worsened by her meter. Her overall special moves could be used more intuitively and incorporated better as gameplay where she could use a buff of some sorts. I do like her generally tho which is why I think this needs improvement because it has potential
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No more portlegs, it's time for the real deal and she's alright i guess.
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After playing Honey for a bit, i can say that she's decent. The sprites are really nice! But the complicated moveset is too hard for me to control. It would be cool if you made the stomp was jump-spin instead of jump-jump. I might have to update this review.
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Honey is THE mod for this game that I was looking forward to the most. I just really like Honey, I don't know why, and anything that lets me play as her outside of her one game is very welcome. So I speedran my way to the Download button once I saw that she was released. And I started playing and... ah...

There are control issues all over the shop. The butt bop is good, but its auto-aim can easily send you flying wherever and interrupting your flow. Why does it have an auto-aim? Amy doesn't need an auto-aim for her hammer, and the butt bop is basically that but with a larger range. The stomp is not much use at all, yet it's assigned to Jump+Jump as if it's her signature move that you'll use all the time. It's not, and you won't. I spent the majority of airtime with my ring finger firmly glued to Custom Button 1. And speaking of Custom Button 1, though not airtime, the moon kick. It's okay, but it's cumbersome to use due to the Custom Button 1 requirement and ultimately doesn't add much - it's an "ignore platforming" move, which is odd to see here. Isn't Honey combat-focused? Ukemi is very, VERY limited in usage. It fits in with Honey a little better, though I do not comprehend the need for a control lock and ESPECIALLY why it needs to eat the post-damage grace period.

The cat pounce, even if it's not much more than a more risk-reward thok, is a move I enjoyed, but it's brought down by the same requirement of needing Custom Button 1 to be held to use. It's actually even worse than that - the pounce is an aggressive-looking move, and Honey is established to be a character that can jump-damage enemies even though she's no-spin. It's communicating that the pounce is an offensive move except it actually isn't... *unless* you press Spin again, it which case she curls up and can do damage. It's a pounce, why *shouldn't* it damage enemies by itself? Using the spin also automatically transitions Honey into a spin when she hits the ground. I'm not sure how I feel about that, given that Honey makes a big deal of being no-spin.

The meter seems to exist solely to give Hyper Mode a purpose other than being mini-Super Sneakers on command. Beyond that, it only muddies up how each move is supposed to function and can even get you killed because you thought you could pounce but nope, meter not charged yet. I do appreciate the Fighters reference, but...

It feels like there wasn't much thought put into Honey, gameplay-wise. Like there was no plan beforehand, and no review afterwards. Honey's shield abilities are disabled, yet she has no moves assigned to Jump+Spin. All that focus on Custom Button 1, yet it does nothing in the air other than let you use the pounce - and that should be the place of the stomp, as the ability the player will need less immediate access to. I wonder how much her control could be improved with some re-thinking. Maybe having to use Custom Buttons at all could be avoided!

(side note: I understand the necessity to make Honey more "complicated" so that she can properly represent a fighting game, but Honey as she is right now really does not merit it)

Before playing as her, all I had to go on were Twitter posts showing her off, and she does make a good showing visual-wise. You went the distance to make her ecclectic color palette customizable and her animations are all great. Having a dedicated Candy alt was a fantastic touch too! My only real complaints on that front are that her signpost sprite and victory animation look like they're not *quite* finished yet, and she has no "standing" NiGHTS animation so when she exits the Special Stages she looks really off. Minor stuff, I mean who cares about NiGHTS?

I can't ignore the gameplay issues, however. I don't know. I feel like I'm being a mite too harsh here. But Honey is a character who doesn't get enough representation, and I waited a long time to have a Honey in SRB2 (if I knew the first thing about good spriting or good 3D modelling I would made a Honey myself a LONG time ago), and I'm a lot less impressed by the result than I hoped I'd be. Perhaps trying to make another "combat" character after Cacee nailed it in one go wasn't a good idea. Oh well.
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But bop is just the BLJ.
Prove me wrong.

In all seriousness, this is a great mod; a bit wonky to work with, but still good.
I hope you do well in the future.
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Very complicated and inconvenient control. I didn’t enjoy playing as this character. I constantly need to press the additional Custom 1 button, which is very inconvenient. The sprites look interesting, but she doesn't have an idle-pose (or what is it called right?).

I get the feeling that this character was made for something else.
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Great sprites, and the hair colour system is neat, but her moveset isn't very fun. Using Custom 1 is awkward, and her moves aren't as combat-orientated as I would expect them to be (why doesn't the pounce destroy enemies?). Some changes to shift the focus towards defeating enemies would be nice.
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