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Hi there! My name is Honestyi and this is my pack of random characters, why the randomness you ask? Well, because i have no standard on which character i'll do next whatsoever so i end up doing things that i like or that i think people will like. Anyway i hope you enjoy my job!

The characters:


Our lovely schizophrenic spider from the Kumo Desu ga Nani ka! series escapes her deadly maze to go karting, oh wait how did she end up here? Who knows...
She is
Speed 9
Weight 5

Ika Musume

Right from the bottom of the sea! Ika musume invades the race to punish all of those who pollute her beloved home with their orbinauts and bananas, even though she's not very good at it
She is good at everything else though being
Speed 5
Weight 4

Mini Ika

Ika's chibi counterpart came to have some wonderful adventures karting too! Just because i like small characters (even though she's not as small as she was supposed to be)
She is
Speed 7
Weight 2


From that old show made with stop motion, comes the penguin that became a gold mine of memes all over the internet, now he is here to noot noot people into oblivion with his orbinauts
He is
Speed 4
Weight 3


The impostor pokemon got tired of being useless in the actual state of sword and shield's metagame and decided to sneak his way into karting!
He is
Speed 7
Weight 6

Buff Chao

Have you ever had that edited chao which you boosted all his stats up to 9999 just to see that little guy
storming around the chao garden at lightning speed? Well, here he is, a little bit bigger than you remember but now he is ready to kart!
He is
Speed 9
Weight 9


The almighty god of chaos and destruction now finds a new way of bringing chaos to this new world he has joined in, from that indie game where you are a goose and causes a ruckus into people's lives comes the goose, now ready to bring hell to those who may defy you
He is
Speed 4
Weight 9


From that show about dragon maids, comes Kanna, the small child that's actually a dragon and everybody in the internet seems to know her for some unknown reason, don't get tricked by her childish appearance
though or you might end up getting orbinauted pretty hard!
She is
Speed 6
Weight 3


Ever since i saw the movie back in 2012 i always thought to myself: "man, it would be nice if sugar rush was a real game", to this day it's not, but at least now we can play with this obnoxious little candy kid in a true kart racer instead of Ralph! Being bored with her own game Vanellope jumps right into our kart to glitch all over the place, she may be very light but her kart sure isn't!
She is
Speed 8
Weight 7
First release
Last update
4.25 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. V5.1

    Smallest of corrections update KC_Ika_Musume V1.3 - Her tentacle colors in the goal post got...
  2. V5.0

    KC_Vanellope_V1.0 -Gets added into the pack!
  3. V4.0

    KC_Kanna_V1.0 - Gets added to the pack!

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okay, the fact that you made Zoroark selled it for me, though, i think it can use some rework on the voicelines, maybe i can give you a hand with that

but still, nice pack! and god bless you for having Zoroark in it
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A honk at SRB2Kart
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hahahahahahhaha goose
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Welcome to releases!
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