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Here is my character pack for SRB2Kart! This pack mostly consists of many of my favorite video game characters, that i have wanted to play as in Kart. Also may one day include some of my own characters. Hope you will enjoy using them! - Frostbrush

The Character roster:



3D Models:


Characters in the pack:
  • Klonoa 4/4
  • Lolo 3/5
  • Quote 5/5
  • Curly Brace 6/5
  • Megaman Volnutt 6/7
  • Diddy Kong 4/2 "UPDATED"
  • Dixie Kong 2/4 "NEW"

  • (TBA)

What's next:
  • (Coming soon on Wave 2...)

Update log:

- Klonoa mod post changed to into Frostbrush Character Pack post.​
- Klonoa mod is now part of FrostBrush Character Pack.​
- Lolo from Klonoa series is added!​
- Lolo's sprites were updated to look more accurate to original design from the games.​
- Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story added!​
- Klonoa's stats were altered to differentiate mod from other Klonoa mods.​
- Klonoa's sprites were edited, to make his black part of fur look more darker.​
- Klonoa's sprites and 3D model were reworked to look more like how he appeared in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.​
- On Quote's 3D model, textures on the cap and pants were readjusted, so they won't appear as dark.​
- Lolo's sprites and 3D model were updated look more accurate from original design. Also stats were changed from 5/5 to 5/4.​
- Klonoa's textures on 3D model were edited, so the cap and the shirt won't appear as shiny.​
- Added a new roster pictures for both sprites and 3D models​
- Megaman Volnutt joins the roster!​
- Lolo's stats are changed from 5/4 to 3/5 to have better diversity with stats for the roster as a whole.​
- Quote and Curly Brace get improved Sprites and 3D models.​
- Klonoa gets full set of updated sprites!​
- Volnutt's 3D model has been adjusted.​
- Diddy joins the roster!​
- Lolo's Sprites have been adjusted.​
- Dixie joins the roster!​
- Diddy's sprites have been updated.​

Special Thanks!

FrozenMeatPopsicle - Giving Blender templates for animating Kart characters.
mineniceඞ - Giving me Blender file with nodes, that gives 3D models accurate in-game colours from SRB2Kart.

Happy Karting!
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