Just a hotfix for Battle mode.
- Fixed grounded bursts taking away your burst ammo in Battle mode.
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Emergency update to fix a major glitch that has presumably been hiding in her since the first release.

- Fixed pressing spin and jump during the same frame causing Flame to do a powerful wall jump while grounded, making both normal bursting and jumping useless.
Small update with some bugfixes and a Ringslinger Neo loadout (Flame/Burst)

- Fixed Battle ability not dealing damage in Battle modes
- Smooth Speed Trail no longer appears in Match type modes
- Ringslinger Neo support
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This update fixes a lot of bugs and makes Flame's mechanics more consistent. Special thanks to Photon from the OS for finding a lot of these lol.

- Fixed being carried setting your dive charge to below it's starting number.
- Super Rocketspark sprites now match your super color.
- Forward launches no longer makes you burst at the same time.
- Forward launches can now consistently re-dive.
- Forward launches now consistently applies Smooth Speed Trails.
- Launching now resets partial dive charges.
- Fixed an error that would appear if Flame spawns underwater.
- Fixed Flame being able to outrun her own bursts.
- Updated EDGE sprites.
- MRCE hyper support.
- RushChars support.
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Small update with some bugfixes and Battle Mode nerfs:

- Fixed fireballs hurting teammates in Chaos Mode.
- Crash Dive no longer has multi-ability in Battle Mode.
- Reduced Propulsion fireball's blast radius a tiny bit.
- Removed unneeded freeslots.
- Lava immunity now works in BattleChaos Mode.
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- Flame now has new trails and effects that make use of blending. built off of the Smooth speed trail from MRCE [Reusable]
- She now break that one floor in hollow hill.
-Her fireballs now explode, which is a buff to her battle ability, it felt like she had a hard time hitting people with it because they slip between the fireballs.
-And I have removed her flip code, it was cool and I would like to bring it back someday, but atm it keeps glitching and uncurling me, especially in chaos mode.
- I made some support for when both battle and chaos are loaded at the same time, I hope that did not break anything.


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Grounded Rocket Jump has been nerfed, it now has lower jump height than the normal jump, this should give them both reasons to be used.
Flame should no longer out run her Grounded Rocket Jumps with speed shoes or super forms.
Hanging on ropes now refreshes her abilities.
New Battle mode balancing, it probably still needs work.
Added HOLD sprites
And that's all I can think of atm, I'm probably forgetting something lol