Final Demo HUD

[Reusable] Final Demo HUD 1.0.7

Final Demo HUD has just been updated to Version 1.0.7. Changelog below.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Adventure Sonic to re-enable the original Life counter.
  • Added HUD names for Honey The Cat and Mario.

Adventure Sonic is no longer able to re-enable
the original Life counter.
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  • Added compatiblity for Blaze and Marine.
  • Fixed an issue where the life number was aligned to the right when having 10 lives or more.
  • Added compatibility for Maimy.
  • Added HUD names for SSN Sonic HD and SSN Tails HD.
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  • Fixed an issue where the WHOLE life counter was misaligned when using non-green resolutions. What caused this area of the HUD to be misaligned like this is the fact that I forgot to implement the "V_SNAPTOLEFT" and "V_SNAPTOBOTTOM" flags to the Life icon, HUD name, "x" and the Life counter.
  • Score-Time-Rings's modifications has been removed temporarily, as an attempt to fix HUD misalignments on the Android version of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the life counter would keep showing during NiGHTS levels, as well as the HUD name, character icon and the "X".
  • Added a character HUD name for HMS123311.
  • Reworked the Lua script with only one hook for every compatible character instead of individual hooks each.​
  • Added some more compatible characters with HUD names.​
  • Letter "G", as seen on Fang's HUD name, has been remade.​
  • Metal Sonic's "SONIC" text has been slightly moved upwards.​