Final Demo "Adventure Mode"

[Reusable] Final Demo "Adventure Mode" 1.2

  • Numerous changes have been made to the camera:
    • The camera now uses 2.2.10's newly-exposed camera_t variables and functions, doing away with the now largely-obsolete awayviewmobj method of creating custom cameras
    • The camera can now be properly rotated and reset thanks to 2.2.10's newly-exposed input variables and functions
  • Improved accuracy of the spring homing attack behavior
  • Added MIDI for SA Example Zone (I didn't realize Final Demo used a MIDI for the zone)
  • PF_FORCESTRAFE is no longer forced on the player, allowing the camera to be moved instead of the player
  • A couple other things I may have forgotten
Bug Fixes:
  • Amy's heart debris should now be properly scaled relative to the player
  • Many scale-related bugs should now be fixed, including, but not limited to:
    • Light dash being too fast or too slow
    • Camera spawning too high

Special thanks go out do D00D64 once again, this time for creating "Scaleflower Zone", a level I used extensively to test the scale-related bug fixes.
  • Cool!
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This update brings a couple changes and bug fixes:

  • Two new console variables have been added:
    • "adventurecontrol" - This allows the player to turn off the "forced" analog control scheme while playing in Adventure Mode. This was a feature of the original Final Demo Adventure Mode that I forgot to include in the first release (Special thanks to D00D64 for reminding me of this feature).
    • "adventurecontrol2" - Essentially the same as adventurecontrol, but for the second player in splitscreen mode.
  • The camera now has support for slope adjustment and orbital looking!

  • The camera no longer freaks out when it's too far away from the player. This was due to me multiplying player.viewheight by FRACUNIT when it was already a fixed-number variable. Whoops!
  • The camera shouldn't disappear when the player toggles first person repeatedly anymore (Special thanks to antonretrojr and lumo (SRB2 Discord only) for reporting this and the above bug).
  • Fixed a bug where the player could bounce in the wrong direction off of a boss or multi-hit enemy while using the homing attack.

Keep in mind that "adventurecontrol" is a client-side console variable. As such, each player in a server will need to toggle it individually if they wish to play without the forced analog controls.