Feedback v3.1 - see comments and death spots in your map like in Mario Maker

[Open Assets] Feedback v3.1 - see comments and death spots in your map like in Mario Maker 3


How to use it:
1) Host a netgame or play singleplayer with the data recording script L_Feedback-v1.lua added
2) Add comments using the 'comment' console command or the '!comment' chat command. Death points in the map will also be recorded!
3) Data will be exported to luafiles/Deaths.txt and luafiles/Comments.txt. These files can be sent to someone else so they can view the data themselves.
4) In an offline game, add the map(s) and add the data viewing script L_SeeFeedback-v1.pk3
5) Comments and death markers will automatically import when a map begins - touch a comment to read player feedback!

Also, if you want to view comments from multiple comment/death files at once, simply name them as such and they will all load simultaneously: Comments.txt, Comments1.txt, Comments2.txt, Deaths.txt, Deaths1.txt, Deaths2.txt, etc (up to 9). This is useful for situations where multiple playtests on different servers each provided useful data, and you want to view it all at once.

Hopefully this will allow mapmakers to get much more detailed data from playtests and OLDC servers.
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Latest reviews

The best addon for mapmakers to get direct feedback from the majority of the player base. Just set up a server with the maps allowing for anyone to easily access it without visiting the forums, and the ease of leaving comments make this an amazing addon.

It would be nice to have the comment viewer work in multiplayer, this would allow the addon to be repurposed as a sort of souls-style message system.
However, that is not the vision of this addon and I'm completely satisfied with the way it is.
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