FaDChars - Frank & Dummie

FaDChars - Frank & Dummie V1.6.2

Oh my god.
It's literally the best thing ever! Keep it up!
I had fun with this one. Frank is sorta like Tails but you can't spam jump to fly, and honestly that's great. Dummie can't spin-dash on the ground, but he can in the air. Also he can multi-jump. All-in-all, this addon is the best.
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Well, I can play.

good gameplay.

Easter eggs.


Result: Good car
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Frank and Dummie are a good duo. I'm going to rate them separately.

Frank: His new move is very fitting, and his ground bounce is cool to mess with too. He finally has a nice battle move to! The Super ground
bounce will be more helpful then the dodge roll for sure! Nothing much to really say about him. 4/5 he gets!

Dummie: Dummie is basically that oc that feels forgotten. It's perfectly fine that he didn't come back with new moves... but he literally feels untouched, other than the extra abilities for the shields. His recurl is very awkward to use and time, and does not fit too well with the triple jump. His battle move isn't very fitting either, I would give him a 1/5 alone. I would love to see a more controllable recurl in the air if you can!
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We can always use more characters with fun abilities, great sprite work, and a ton of personality. The only bad thing I can think of about this mod is effectively a nitpick (see the discussions).
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Oh look it's that dancing guy from New Years Collab!
Jokes, they are pretty good characters to play as, though something i would suggest is making so Frank can Ground Bounce while Flight Bursting for some interesting interactions.
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Square guy and Round guy are now an epic team :]
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Love the characters, I like the charm, and I already heard an easter egg

I like
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the funny duo are finally out
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I had a lot of fun with this pair! They got some personality to 'em, and traits to their movements and animations to make 'em stand out. I also appreciate that the duo mode actually lets you switch between both very easily. Good stuff all around!
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