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[Reusable] F-Zero GX Narrator!

Do you ever know some people who change the final lap jingle into..
well how about we make it somewhat real?

Inspired by the addon Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Commentator, I decided to make an addon that use the F-Zero GX Narrator Voice during the race.

Since it's pretty much an addon with sound files, screenshots preview will not help at all. So I've made a video:

Here's the Voices clip I added yet, it will also say which lines anyone can hear it and which lines only you can hear it
"3, 2, 1, GO"
The classic, it's simply the countdown

"Lap 01, Lap 02, .."
Lap Counter, the narrator can count up to Lap 10 (so it can support maps up to 11 laps)
It trigger when a player pass it, anyone can hear it.

"Yeah! The final Lap!"
The Best one, obviously trigger when a player reach the Final Lap!
It trigger when a player pass it, anyone can hear it.

When you finish the Race!
Only you, can hear it

"Alright! First Place!"/"Fiiirst Place!"
When you finish the race, the narrator will say your position after saying Finish.
Anyone will also hear it at low volume.

""2nd Place!, 3rd Place!, 4th Place.., ..."
Not only the Narrator can say 1st place but also can say other places, up to 16th place. (if.. you disable karteliminatelast)
Anyone will also hear it at low volume.

"Danger!"/"Hurry Up!"
When you're on the losing Place, you will hear the narrator saying this, it only trigger if you was at the winning place before, it will also trigger at the final lap only, for not making too annoying.
It's disabled on splitscreen, and only you can hear it.

"You Got Boost Power!"
This line trigger when a player got the item: Rocket Sneaker!
However this line is disabled if you play as falcon, because of his actual boost power lua.
Only you can hear it.

"Broken Down!"
This line trigger when the eggman trap bomb start the countdown, meaning you're about to explode~
Players that are close to you will hear it.

This line simply trigger when you blow up on Fzero style. (no contest)
It's disabled on splitscreen, and only you can hear it.

"Off Course!"
This line trigger depending how you fall off the track:
If you simply fall off, it will not trigger.
If you fall off because of stage hazard or banana, it will trigger but only you can hear it.
If you however got knock out of the track by a jaws, spike, or invinsibility, it will trigger and everyone will hear it at low volume.

This line trigger when you do a dropdash after Respawn.
Only you can hear it.
Feel free to post if there any change that need to be done for a better experiment!
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