Welcome to the next level. Cheeky first words aside, this is yet another great character mod, that feels official. I could easily trick someone who just found out about SRB2 into thinking that this was a 2.3 leaked character. His abilities combo with each other quite well, rewarding the player for skillful gameplay.

- Amazing-looking sprites.
- Fun abilities.
- Battlemod abilities are also great too and can be used in scenarios that happen often.

- I have really minor nitpicks that shouldn't really effect the rating. (battle mod abilities have a high skill celling which turns off new players and etc.)

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This is definitely one of the better character mods out there! He's a blast to play as. Even my little brother, who isn't all that great at video games, could easily play as Espio.

+ Fun to play as character who can blast through stages if you know what you're doing.
+ Easy to use for beginners.

/ Cannot use Chaos Emeralds, meaning no Super Espio
/ Has to take Amy/Fang paths.

(Espio is also my little brother's favorite character. Thank you!)
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Espio was always one of my favortites and this is an incredible implementation of him.

If you're not familair Espio is a fast versatile character. His moves are incredibly flexible but a bit challenging to master. You have a lot of options but none of them quite as straightforward as some abilities other characters have.

His art is great, his moves are great. He feels on par with the base 6 in pretty much every way and has built in support for several mods.
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Extremely Spectacular spritework and fun ability (although something feels lacking...). Fits right in with the Vanilla Cast.
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Espio was so much fun to play as! All of his moves are useful and on top of that, All of them keeps his momentum going! I love using this guy!
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This is my go-to character mod to play, for a number of reasons.

Sprites - They are BEAUTIFUL. I adore the choices made on the default color and general look, it is very faithful to Espio as a character and SRB2 as a game. The top spin smears are awesome, and I love the attention to detail on how when he has to roll he doesn't do it in a complete ball similar to Amy and Fang. The hang sprite is really cool since he uses one hand, and the edge sprite is very cool too.

Gameplay - Espio feels right at home in this game. His abilities allow for creative movement options for any map, allowing the player to really experiment with his capabilities. Forcing him to go to Amy & Fang routes when they're split with a roll gap is an excellent choice, makes sense for the character and gives more appreciation to these routes. I was iffy about him not having full control on walls at first; but not only does that sound like heck to program, he really doesn't need it. He can quickly scale walls, and run onto a ceiling from there. This in particular opens a HUGE amount of possibilities for movement in Battlemod. I sort of wish he could spindash on walls, but only downwards; providing an way to charge speed in a cramped space along with a offense/defense for wall climbing it battle. However, what he has already works fluidly.

This part in particular deserves its own paragraph; his main charge jump ability is very well made and fits him perfectly. It's a double jump that provides the same amount of polish and flair that the vanilla cast hs naturally. It's satisfying, suits the spinning top shape, fun to use, and is just great.

This mods does a marvelous job reflecting the coolness of classic era Espio, one that isn't seen often due to his underutilization. He's a member of the classic-era sonic cast, and this mod treats him as such. 10/10 Will stick with me to the end.
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Solid character all around I'd say, simple and fun to use.
Although, I find that the charge jump slows down his pace too much and isn't really an exciting ability to use in general.
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Bro this is the best mod to date!
He is basically Sonic but cheese mode
You can literally cheese some parts of levels with his double jump, plus, he can walk on ceilings as if he changed gravity like in ERZ
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Er, what was the point of this update? just nerfed an already sluggish and uninteresting character to play as in Battle Mod by removing his unique move.
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Uh kirby support?
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A little question , and the battlemod?
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Overall pretty good mod, only problem is the fact that I can't seem to use any of Espio's battle moves. It even gets rid of the charge jump for some reason as I can only jump, spin dash and do a slide down a wall.
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being completely honest this is my favorite mod of all SRB2, it is so polished, so good, so simple without being bare bones, since it uses the philosophy of the base game and only uses the two base buttons, honestly this could be in the game base and I would not realize that it is a mod, and the sprites look incredible, they look like they were taken directly from Knuckles Chaotix they are so expressive and with such a great color palette. This is my favorite mod in the entire SRB2 community.
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Very Solid, will it be updated to work with the battle mod again? Can't get his moves to work
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Espio is a fun character with great spritework and interesting gameplay with some rough edges.

The charge jump is fun, and the speed loss from holding helps balance it and prevent the move from feeling like glide 2.0.

The stick cling is a bit awkward - it starts up incredibly fast even from a standstill, which feels jerky. I think it would feel better to use if it was based on momentum, or even if the starting speed was nerfed by like 5 or so. You'll almost never reach the limit in its current state unless you're in a *very* vertical map.

Also, I'll note that due to the way Espio is designed he gets softlocked during any forced spin section, which are quite common in custom maps. This can be remedied by reducing Espio's spinheight to the default 32 and using the PlayerHeight hook to have Espio use normal standing height during his custom "spinning top" frames. Ensure you make force spin boosters put you in roll instead of Espio's custom spin to go along with this. As is, his hitbox during rolling as is tall as his standing, which also causes visual misalignment when using certain shield abilities.
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Where do I even begin with this fantastic reptile?

Right off the bat, Espio's visuals are absolute eye candy with how well they're made. Having his animations be as faithful to Chaotix as they are makes him a pure joy to watch sometimes. His gameplay is simple and to the point, and is a nice compromise from his Chaotix moveset. Wall Running feels very quick, and is useful with almost any wall you can find. Being able to scale walls in no time with speed sneakers feels pretty wild at times, as well. Having the ability to cling to the ceiling also helps encourage players to get crafty with how they play Espio, and goes very well with the rest of his kit.

7 emeralds collected, main game beaten. Go play him. :)
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this character is perfect good gameplay and good animations and sprites It's beautiful
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This will be my favorite mod character
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i have waiting this mod forever good work
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Overall the abilities for Espio is fine and is kinda like the legacy version all over again I do like the new ability where you can run up walls and plus the art style for the mod is actually beautiful
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