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This mod is outdated and no longer will be supported! Check The Chaotix mod for the updated version of Espio!

Espio the Chameleon has finally made it to 2.2 in all his resprited glory!


Espio's resprite for SRB2 had some history for those who didn't know. A fellow community member named FearsomeFang started off this character as an addon for v2.1. At the time, some community members like DirkTheHusky decided to hop on the bandwagon to finish Espio at its finest. But not all things come to a good end, as one would say. Progress died right when it was near completion. Then, FearsomeFang departed from the community, leaving the near-completed v2.1 Espio nowhere to be finished by someone else to continue the project.
Then, later on with v2.2 out for a while, another community member, Soap Surfin', had the thought to make an Espio resprite for SRB2Kart. That is until another member named White stepped in and had the idea of them working together to make Espio an addon for v2.2. But it wasn't long before the progress of this new Espio stopped.
That is, till a few months later, when Kibito, HattyBoyo, Saneko, Snu, DirkTheHusky, and the rest of the good fellows on his long dev trip decided to work together and make something that should've been done a long time ago. And that is where we are now.
Espio the Chameleon had some history with his development and it nearly took the same time as v2.2 did to finally fully complete this project. Complete with custom abilities and animations that you'll see in the original Knuckles' Chaotix game. We hope you enjoy this character addon as much as we did making it!


-- General --
Espio is a versatile character whose abilities constantly flow with each other, allowing for a high skill ceiling. Espio's prime difference is that he spins like a top, instead a ball. Meaning you can't take paths that require you to go under a spin gap.

-- Stick Cling --
Espio's base ability from Knuckles' Chaotix. Hold Jump while near a wall to cling to it. While clinging, you can run up, slide down, or shimmy side-to-side on the wall to reach places, just like Knuckles. However, you won't hang on to the wall for a lifetime. The less stamina you have, the slower you'll run until you can no longer climb. You can also cling onto ceilings by holding Jump when you make contact with them!


-- Charge Thrust --
Espio's primary ability when holding Jump in mid-air. The power of your thrust is determined by how long you hold down Jump. Releasing the Jump button unleashes a double jump with the charged power added! You can also press the Spin button instead to do a forward dash!


-- Spin Drill --
Stuck in a room where the Spindash and Non-Spindash paths split? Worry not, Because Espio can break bustable floors! Simply spindash on the breakable floor for a short period of time to break it!

Extra Support


Espio also has support for Battlemod and SRB2Persona!
-- BattleMod Abilities --

Invisibility: Hold the action button to turn completely invisible and sneak around to trick opponents!

Disclaimer! This ability only works if you load BattleMod FIRST!

Leaf Swirl:
Espio's primary move from Sonic Heroes! Spawn a tornado covered in leaves, and knock away any opponents who are in the tornado! Hold down the action button to keep the tornado active.

-- SRB2Persona --
Espio's persona is Jiraiya, returning from Persona 4. Espio learns Wind, Psychic, and evasive skills to use in battle. However, Espio has pitifully low HP and defense. Any dangerous enemy encounter can easily result in death, so it's wise to pick your battles carefully with Espio. Espio also has a unique normal attack, Stealth Strike, which has a slightly higher critical rate and accuracy compared to the average normal attack.


During Tartarus exploration, Espio can use still use the Charge Jump to easily navigate around floors. He also has his wall run still as well! Although the wall run is only really useful for extending your jumps and saving yourself from the pits of Tartarus rather than gaining height.

General changes:
- Updated Espio's wait, run and spindash sprites.
- Reworked a function to greatly increase performance, courtesy of TehRealSalt.

General Changes:
- The Charge Thrust from Espio's BattleMod support has been merged into his main moveset, press Spin to activate it while charging the Charge Jump.
- You now lose less speed while charging up Espio's jump ability.
- Wall running has been overhauled. It now has proper acceleration, momentum, and friction.
- You no longer gain stamina back for sticking onto a wall.
- Stamina is not lost for sliding down walls anymore.
- Espio's super colors have been updated.
- Added support for Kirby.
- Added support for RingSlinger NEO.

- Fixed Espio's shifting with interpolation.
- Removed all instances of P_TeleportMove within the script.

BattleMod Changes:
- Slowfall now exhausts in 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
- Espio's exhaust now scales with his speed while wall running.
- Espio loses some exhaust for clinging to a wall now.
- Invisibility is now Espio's battle ability while clinging to walls.
- Invisibility no longer nerfs Espio's speed while active.
- Leaf Swirl takes 1 more tic to start up.
- Leaf Swirl now carries your momentum, allowing for more offensive play.
- You can now control how long Leaf Swirl is active by holding down your action button.
- Leaf Swirl's tornado doesn't linger as long anymore, reducing defensive play.
- Espio's priority during Leaf Swirl has been changed from 0, 2 to 0, 1.

General Changes:
- You can define a shift cycle for Espio's idle using "espioshiftcolors".
- This is saved in espioconfig.cfg, located in luafiles/client.

- Removed HookLib wall detection to fix conflicts with Knuckles and various other characters.
- Fixed being able to incorrectly drill the floor while on the ceiling.
- Fixed the spin drill not being able to destroy the entirety of bustable floors sometimes.

BattleMod Changes:
- Invisibility now makes you go invisible instantly instead of slowly fading out when activating it.
- Invisibility no longer makes you visible when moving too quickly.
- Instead, you drain rings quicker depending on how fast you move.
- You can no longer be locked onto while invisible.
- You can now choose to make invisibility a toggle rather than a hold using "espioinvismode".
- This is also saved into espioconfig.cfg.
- Leaf Swirl's frame data has been updated to make it a lot quicker to start up.
- You can now activate the Leaf Swirl while clinging onto a wall.
- Parrying Espio's Leaf Swirl no longer launches you upwards.
- Espio's exhaust function is now loaded correctly in the latest BattleMod.
- Espio now exhausts while charging the charge jump to prevent stalling scenarios.
- This means you can't use the charge jump while fully exhausted.
- Espio now takes 4 seconds to fully exhaust instead of 5 seconds.

SRB2 Persona Changes:
- Updated Espio's SRB2 Persona stats to make him a bit more durable.



Soap Surfin'

( Thanks for making arguably the damn best wall detection code out there. )

Alice ( For the art used in the CSS. )
CommandoEC ( For helping many miscellaneous things that came to be. )

Special Thanks to Hero and Helius from the SRB2Persona Discord for ripping the Jiraiya sprites,
and Special Thanks to everyone who tested this and pushed us to make this a reality.

One Final Special Thanks to FearsomeFang. He kickstarted the original v2.1 Espio that led to this trail of events. It is an honor finishing what you started.
Soap Surfin
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Latest reviews

Welcome to the next level. Cheeky first words aside, this is yet another great character mod, that feels official. I could easily trick someone who just found out about SRB2 into thinking that this was a 2.3 leaked character. His abilities combo with each other quite well, rewarding the player for skillful gameplay.

- Amazing-looking sprites.
- Fun abilities.
- Battlemod abilities are also great too and can be used in scenarios that happen often.

- I have really minor nitpicks that shouldn't really effect the rating. (battle mod abilities have a high skill celling which turns off new players and etc.)

Upvote 1
This is definitely one of the better character mods out there! He's a blast to play as. Even my little brother, who isn't all that great at video games, could easily play as Espio.

+ Fun to play as character who can blast through stages if you know what you're doing.
+ Easy to use for beginners.

/ Cannot use Chaos Emeralds, meaning no Super Espio
/ Has to take Amy/Fang paths.

(Espio is also my little brother's favorite character. Thank you!)
Upvote 1
Espio was always one of my favortites and this is an incredible implementation of him.

If you're not familair Espio is a fast versatile character. His moves are incredibly flexible but a bit challenging to master. You have a lot of options but none of them quite as straightforward as some abilities other characters have.

His art is great, his moves are great. He feels on par with the base 6 in pretty much every way and has built in support for several mods.
Upvote 0
Extremely Spectacular spritework and fun ability (although something feels lacking...). Fits right in with the Vanilla Cast.
Upvote 0
Espio was so much fun to play as! All of his moves are useful and on top of that, All of them keeps his momentum going! I love using this guy!
Upvote 0
This is my go-to character mod to play, for a number of reasons.

Sprites - They are BEAUTIFUL. I adore the choices made on the default color and general look, it is very faithful to Espio as a character and SRB2 as a game. The top spin smears are awesome, and I love the attention to detail on how when he has to roll he doesn't do it in a complete ball similar to Amy and Fang. The hang sprite is really cool since he uses one hand, and the edge sprite is very cool too.

Gameplay - Espio feels right at home in this game. His abilities allow for creative movement options for any map, allowing the player to really experiment with his capabilities. Forcing him to go to Amy & Fang routes when they're split with a roll gap is an excellent choice, makes sense for the character and gives more appreciation to these routes. I was iffy about him not having full control on walls at first; but not only does that sound like heck to program, he really doesn't need it. He can quickly scale walls, and run onto a ceiling from there. This in particular opens a HUGE amount of possibilities for movement in Battlemod. I sort of wish he could spindash on walls, but only downwards; providing an way to charge speed in a cramped space along with a offense/defense for wall climbing it battle. However, what he has already works fluidly.

This part in particular deserves its own paragraph; his main charge jump ability is very well made and fits him perfectly. It's a double jump that provides the same amount of polish and flair that the vanilla cast hs naturally. It's satisfying, suits the spinning top shape, fun to use, and is just great.

This mods does a marvelous job reflecting the coolness of classic era Espio, one that isn't seen often due to his underutilization. He's a member of the classic-era sonic cast, and this mod treats him as such. 10/10 Will stick with me to the end.
Upvote 1
Solid character all around I'd say, simple and fun to use.
Although, I find that the charge jump slows down his pace too much and isn't really an exciting ability to use in general.
Upvote 0
Bro this is the best mod to date!
He is basically Sonic but cheese mode
You can literally cheese some parts of levels with his double jump, plus, he can walk on ceilings as if he changed gravity like in ERZ
Upvote 0
Er, what was the point of this update? just nerfed an already sluggish and uninteresting character to play as in Battle Mod by removing his unique move.
Upvote 0
Uh kirby support?
Upvote 0