The script has finally gotten an update for 2.2.11 and above.
Changelog (Script):

+ Full 2.2.11 compatibility
+ You can now customize your characters' colors via the multiplayer character customization screen
+ The Encore gametype now has Emerald Tokens and MP Special Stages
+ Invincibility frames after swapping upon death now last longer
+ Super forms are now fully functional
* The game no longer crashes in Multiplayer
* Buddies no longer appear in NiGHTS
* You can no longer change characters via the multiplayer character customization screen
* various HUD fixes
* Other multiplayer fixes

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happy 1 year anniversary btw lmfoa

Changelog v1.3:
* GFZ1E, GFZ2E, THZ2E, DSZ1E, DSZ2E, CEZ1E, CEZ2E, ACZ1E, ACZ2E, and RVZ1E have been converted to UDMF. Due to the conversion, this mod can only be run on versions 2.2.11 or above.
* Numerous additions, changes, and bugfixes were made to stages under the conversion.
* Fixed THZ1E and CEZ1E's sky not displaying properly in 2.2.11.
* THZ1E's thunderstorm event has now been changed to better transition into THZ2E's color palette.
* CEZ2E and CEZ3E has a new sky
* ACZ1E's palette has been tweaked to make it look dustier and not as harsh on people's eyes.
* ERZ1E, ERZ2E, BCZ1E, and BCZ2E were given entirely new palettes to make them look rusty and foreboding.
* ERZ's zoom tubes were dramatically expanded to match the new srb2 update.
* The lava room at the end of ERZ2E is no longer orange.
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This update took a bit to make and it's mostly for the map side of things (although some script stuff was touched as well)

Changelog (MAPS):
+ Various tweaks to the palettes in THZ, DSZ, CEZ, and ERZ. Ranging from slight tweaks to dramatic overhauls.
+ CEZ1E has new lighting to complement its overhauled encore colormap
+ Revised hazard placement in DSZ1E, DSZ2E, and CEZ1E
* Fixed an issue in GFZ1E where there were flowers underwater
* Fixed weird colormap issues (except one) in GFZ2E
* Fixed a possible softlock in THZ1E
* Fixed weird texturing issues in ERZ2E
* Fixed an untagged pit in ERZ2E
* Fixed the global level select not showing up in the Extras menu

Changelog (SCRIPT):
* Fixed some weird jank with supers while switching. Switching now promptly boots you out of super.
* Tweaked the encore monitor randomization to be a bit more interesting in level packs.
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Glad people are enjoying this lmfoa

Here comes an update for both the script and the level pack that includes some experimental stuff.

* Fixed an issue where you could switch characters after death
+ Added support for characters that have no life icon.
(this means you can use xmomentum with encore mode now without summoning the microwave™)

* Fixed MP Special Stages not being in the MainCFG
* Fixed a myriad of softlocks in ERZ1E, primarily ones that tall people suffer with.
* Corrected an oversight in ERZ2E where you could have the attraction shield where mines are nearby
* Fixed weirdly intangible spikes in DSZ2E
+ Made the finale of ACZ1E way harder. (this design is experimental so feedback is appreciated)
+ Edited the Metal Sonic fight to also be a bit harder. The previous race map and metal ghost has been changed to compensate for this.

To finish off this update:

Here's how you can beat Special Stage 7 in Encore Mode, Good Luck :^)
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